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Without GOOD copy, your business will DIE.

I know it sounds harsh. But it’s true. And when I say "good," I'm not talking about "decent."

I'm talking about that smooth-as-butter good kind of copy.

The kind that melts down your client’s defenses and has them whipping out their credit cards like a reflex – on your demand.

Because this kind of copy speaks your ideal client's language.

It tells their story. It stimulates their senses. It’s the kind that aggressively drills into their pain until your business is the only relieving salvation to their agony.

The kind that fleshes out their darkest fears and deepest desires so crystal clear, they find themselves savoring the taste on the tips of their tongue. The texture between the grease of their fingers….

This kind of copy will make your business the answer to thousands (if not millions) of prayers, both online and offline…

...which means your ROI is going to flood your bank account with waterfalls of cash...

This, my friend, is GOOD copy. And if this sound like the kind of copy you need to take your business to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Contact me, and together, we will not only get the job done. we will make dreams come true.

Sound good?

Your Search For Copy That Actually Converts Is Finally Over!

My name is Joshua D. Copeland. I’m a copywriter and content strategist who’s helped hundreds of brands scale their offers to 6-7 figures with lucrative copy and content strategies. I’ve written copy for multiple niches that include Dating, Biz op, Health & Fitness Supplements, and Self Development, among many, many others. The goal is simple: to write you the words that ignite the spark in your offers and business. So you can:

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My Clients​

Helped Kristen Bring In More Than $330,000 in sales - With Just A Couple Of Sales Page Tweaks!

His Sales Letter Generated $10,000 & Several Hundred Members - The FIRST DAY Of Launch!

"He Has Written Multiple Promotions For Me... One Of them, The Cart Value Was Just INSANE!"

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