10 Addictive Headline Starters For Your Copy And Ads.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve memorized every word of this entire blog and applied every trick in the book to increase your sales and conversions online and offline. If the attention of your prospects is not stolen by your headline, you’re not making a dime.

The thing is, capturing the attention of your clients isn’t the easiest thing in the world – even if you know exactly what your target market wants. That’s why the way you word your words is crucial to how you craft your headlines. The good news is, there’s more than one way to successfully and creatively craft your headline to pique prospect curiosity. In fact, I’m going to show you 10 of my favorite ways to start headlines for your copy and ads that will compel your readers to read.

The Headline’s 2 Main Objectives

Now, before I go into 20 of the most addictive headline starters I’ve personally come across, it’s important that you know the 2 main objectives of your headline.

Grab Attention (Obviously) – Ultimately, your prospects will find no point in reading your ad, sales letter or brochure if the headline doesn’t mentally snatch them by the collar.

Keep Your Readers Reading – Most people don’t think about this part when it comes to a headline. Your headline has to not only capture your prospect’s attention, it also has to leave an easter egg in the headline that they’ll want to search for as they’re pulled through your copy.

All your headline has to do are these 2 things, and you’ll be ahead of your competitors farther than you’d ever believe.

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10 Addictive Headline Starters

There are actually WAY more than 10 ways to effectively start your headline and get great results. In fact, Drew Eric Whitman writes that there are at least 22. But just to get you started, here are 10 of my favorite ways to start a great headline (they’re my favorites because I’ve actually tested them, and they work amazingly well!).

1.FREE – FREE E-Book Shows You How To Lose 30 Pounds In 15 Days – WITHOUT DIETING!
2.HOW – How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels To Attract Sexy Women In 3 Simple Steps!
3.THESE – These Rare Secrets Will Protect Your Money From The Government’s Inevitable Collapse!
4.THIS – This ONE Tongue -Trick Will Have Her Shooting Like A Fire-Hydrant! (A little graphic, sorry LOL)
5.NOW – Now You Can Learn How To Live Life Like Your Favorite Celebrities!
6.NEW – New And Powerful Tutorial Teaches You How To Build Your Credit Fast And Easy!
7.DO YOU – Do You Know About This One Hack That Guarantees Winning At Casinos?
8.HERE’S – Here’s How The ‘Catch Me Outside Girl’ REALLY Got Famous – And How You Can Capitalize On It!
9.WARNING – WARNING: This Common Kitchen Food Is Decreasing Your Life Expectancy By At Least 25%!
10.AT LAST – AT LAST: A Fail-Proof Way To Legally Make 6-Figures In Less Than 6 Months!

Like I said, these are just my favorites. But you can read the rest of Drew Eric Whitman’s 22 highly potent headline starters in his book, Cashvertising (a highly recommendable read for advertising secrets).

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