It all started with an article about Drake in a GQ magazine…

Funny. This was the very first post I’ve ever written for this blog.

Many people who’ve seen my work or read this blog like to ask me how I started on my copywriting journey. The answer can be summed up in a few words:

Drake & GQ Magazine.

No, seriously.  There I was, feeling stuck before starting my dinner shift at Applebees when I opened up an article about one of my favorite rappers living the life of his dreams.

Drake was having some random, giant mansion party, with loud music, spilling champagne bottles with his best friends, family and beautiful, half-naked women everywhere.  

Most people would find themselves waist-deep in the festivities. But not Drizzy. Instead, he retreated down to his basement and do what he really loved…working on writing more music.

I sat there with this article in my lap, emotionally moved to the point of frustration. I thought, “What in the FLUFF do I have to do to live this kind of life!?

All I knew was one thing: I loved to write.  And I was pretty good at it, too.

So I started looking for something – anything – that would pay me in writing. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, and I didn’t care what kind of writing it was.   I just wanted to be the best at it.  I wanted to leave the life of dead-end jobs so that I can live life on my own terms doing what I absolutely love.

And like a sign from the heavens…That’s when I discovered the art of copywriting.

My Discovery of Copywriting Was An Absolute Game Changer For Me!

The more I learned about copywriting, the more I learned how lucrative this craft was.

It wasn’t like all these other get-rich schemes and MLM companies out there. I didn’t have to buy some “franchise” or products that I had to pay for on a monthly basis. Copywriting was simply persuasive writing to get people to take action. That action, of course, was to buy something, sign up for something etc..

In other words, I became in demand for businesses who had products to sell!

When I learned this, I saw a giant opportunity. Not only could I transform my life into one full of riches, but I could also bring thousands – if not millions – of dollars to other people with businesses.  From there, I was sold.

So what was my call to action? I then studied legends of copywriting like Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Gene Schwartz and others.  I was doing all of this while attending Cal State San Marcos for Writing and Literature.

I spent hours practicing sales letters, emails, blogs – you name it. If there was writing involved, best believe I was doing it.

I found myself in internships involving content and sales writing. Eventually, I would branch off and build my experience on There I became one of “Upwork’s Top-Rated  Freelancers” in less than 7 months!

My True Passion (And Possibly Life’s Purpose)

If there is one thing I’m good at, one thing I love to do – it’s telling stories. It’s sharing missions and visions with the world. It’s helping people find solutions to their problems so they can constantly add value to their lives.  I just choose to do this through the craft of writing.

There I was, making money from my laptop (I even eventually BOUGHT a new laptop – from working from my laptop!).

Even though I wasn’t making Drake money – yet – I was taking action.  I was putting myself in the position to live my greatest life while giving immense value to others from my sheer passion for writing.

And guess what?  I’m still taking action.

And now, here I am, with my own website, ready to help other copywriters hone their skills of this craft. But if you have a business and are looking for help to increase sales, consider this an invitation.  I can’t wait for us to get started! 

It will be a pleasure working with you!

For more copywriting tips and secrets, check out my blog at

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