How To Persuade People To Buy Your Product In 5 Simple Steps

ome How are people going to buy your product if nobody knows it exists? And even if they did have some idea, thanks to word-of-mouth from a friend, what if the only thing that was stopping them from pulling out their credit cards was just a few, unanswered questions?  How exactly could you know what these questions are, anyway?

Here’s the truth: The REAL reason why people aren’t buying your product or service is probably tied to the fact that they’re not fully confident that YOUR product can fulfill their needs…  

And the only reason people aren’t confident in anything is simple:  Because they don’t have enough confirming information about it.

Ever heard of the phrase, “knowledge is power?”  That’s because it really is.  It’s a lot easier to perform heart surgery on a dying patient when you’ve spent a decade studying about it in medical school, PLUS hands-on practice in the field, as opposed to watching a few hour-long reruns of Grey’s Anatomy.  Once you’ve got that Ph.D. and some in-field experience, you know for a FACT that you can succeed in the medical field.  Why?  Because you’ve been there and done it.

That’s why your patients trust you with their lives in your hands.  Because YOU know (and THEY know) you’re fully capable of saving their lives.  Therefore, you are confident…

The same goes with advertising.

People buy products and services because they are confident that the product can add value to their lives.  All you need to do as a marketer is provide them the needed information to boost their confidence!

But it’s going to take more than just ranting and raving about how awesome your product is.  In fact, according to Psychologist James O. Prochaska, you can find your ideal prospect in any of the 5 phases of the Transtheoretical Model.

The 5 Phases of the Transtheoretical Model

Your goal is to move your prospects through the transtheoretical model, one phase at a time. When you understand the 5 phases of this model, you’ll have a better understanding of how to pitch your product to your prospects and customers:

Phase 1: Pre Contemplation

When your prospect is in this stage, they either have no idea what your product is, OR they’re completely unaware of your product.  The goal of this step, obviously, is to effectively capture their attention.

Phase 2: Contemplation

Your prospects are aware of, or have heard of your product.  More importantly, they thought of trying it out, at least once.

Phase 3: Preparation

In this stage, your prospect is planning to buy your product.  All they need is a little bit more information before they commit to the cause.  This is where you want to lay the benefits and advantages of your product as thick as you can.

Phase 4: Action

BOOM!  You’ve successfully got your prospects taking action and buying your product.

Phase 5: Maintenance

Here, it’s official: You now have a loyal customer that will only buy from you and your brand. They’ve made YOUR product part of their daily routine of their everyday lives.

When you have a full understanding of these phases, you know exactly where your customer’s mindset is, and how to address them properly.   However, therein lies the challenge:  What’s the most effective way to tackle these phases so your customer  knows everything they need to know to buy your product?

Consultant and author Drew Eric Whitman suggest that there are 2 effective ways to take these faces on:

  1. Addressing Each Phase, One At A Time – One way to tackle the five phases is to create a series that deals with each phase. Isolating each phase is a great way to provide as much information as needed for your prospects who are still locked in. Plus, blending in the element of storytelling allows you to increase your audience. You can create a series of ads for each phase.  But I find the best ways to address each phase are through email marketing campaigns or through a short video series.  You can even start a blog (like yours, truly).
  1. Addressing All Phases, At The Same Time – Another way is to create one ad that includes information for ALL the phases.  Ultimately, you’re just communicating information, details, pain-points benefits and advantages – EVERYTHING your prospect needs to know about your product. By the time your prospect is done reading your ad, they should know everything about your product – more importantly, how your product can add immense value to their lives.  What better way to do this than through long form sales letters, video sales letters and white papers?

When you’ve cemented all of these phases with information for your clients, you’ll have an overflow of loyal customers in no time!  For more useful tips on how to transform your advertising and copy, check out the blog at

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