The Difference Between Features & Benefits

So let’s say you’re selling a product or service.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to convince me – we both know it’s better, let alone different than the others…But how exactly do you convey that to your audience?

Remember when we talked about The LifeForce 8 and Secondary Human Wants? Well, here’s where it all connects:

In order to show how amazing your product or service is, it has to soothe the pain points of your prospects.

You need to showcase the BENEFITS of what you’re selling in order to convince people to buy.

Seems simple right?

So why do most marketers, advertisers, and even copywriters get it wrong?

Because, most of the time, people confuse benefits with FEATURES.  And as a result, their sales suffer.

What’s the Difference Between Features and Benefits?

I think the best way to explain the difference between these two elements is this:

if Features were the cause, Benefits would be the effect.

Let’s break it down:

Features – Details, descriptions, and specs of the product or service

Benefits – The ways in which the features bring value to the prospect.

Unless you’re a mad computer geek who gets off on specs, you’re not buying a new laptop because of the i7 core processor, or it’s 16GB with 512 GB NVMe SSD blah, blah, blah…

You’re buying this laptop because it’s thin, stylish design makes you look cool while carrying it around (be honest).  You’re buying a 13-inch as opposed to a 15-inch for its light weight, portability, and convenience.  You’re buying an i7 core processor, as opposed to an  m3 processor (I actually know the difference…) because you’ll be experiencing FASTER Internet speeds with better graphics and more.

You’re buying an iPhone 7 PLUS not because of its 5.5-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit widescreen, its Multi-Touch display with IPS technology…

You’re buying this phone because its new and innovative design is water-resistant, making the phone immune to accidents like dropping it in the toilet…

Or that you can capture your sweetest memories with the crispest resolution of its new, 12MP camera…

You get the idea.

So when you really think about it…

People Don’t Buy Products and Services. They Buy Solutions to Problems.

People don’t buy new cars.  They buy the luxury.  The lifestyle.  And more importantly, reliable transportation. People don’t buy guns. They buy protection from threats like thieves and home invaders…

Sure, features are a very necessary evil.  But at the end of the day, nobody cares about the cool features.  All people care about is whatever the products can DO for them.

Once you understand this, all you have to do is take any features of your product or service and tailor them to the pain points of your prospects.  If your product is the solution of all of their problems, your audience will increase in no time.  And when your audience increases, so do your conversions!
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