The Need Of Desire For Engaging & Converting Sales Copy

Okay, so, maybe the needs and wants of your prospects and ideal customers aren’t the direst situations in the world. Maybe they’re not as drastic as one of the Life-Force 8 that we’ve discussed in our previous blog…

Still, although they may be overshadowed by our needs for survival, our secondary human wants are still strong enough to pay attention to – probably because they spawn from our initial Life-Force 8 desires…

More importantly, they are strong enough to pull in massive conversions for your business if you can tap into them effectively.

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So what exactly ARE our secondary human wants?

Well, according to Drew Eric Whitman of Cashvertising, there are 9 of them to be exact:


To be informed (or in the “know”)


Cleanliness of our bodies and surroundings

Expression of Beauty and Style



Economy and profit

Dependability and quality.

Compared to our needs to survive, these wants are considered luxury.  Why?  It’s simple, really: Because we weren’t born with these wants. And if you compared one of the LF8 with a secondary human want, the secondary wants wouldn’t stand a chance.

For example:  Let’s compare the want of Curiosity with the need of Survival and the enjoyment of life and life extension…

Are you REALLY going to investigate that strange noise in the dark attic of this haunted mansion you’re in?  Or are you going to run like a Leatherface is sprinting after you with a chainsaw? (See…This is why scary movies never made ANY sense)…

Or what about the need for food versus convenience?  Does it REALLY matter how fancy the restaurant is if you haven’t eaten in days?

Does it REALLY matter how messy your car or room is when you have a baddie, hot and bothered and clawing your clothes off for some amazing sex?

The answer to all of these scenarios: HELL NO.

When it comes to what we want versus what we need, Mr. Whitman says it best: “Biology is KING.”

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Where Desire Comes From

So where exactly does desire come from, and what are the roles of the Life-Force 8 and Secondary Human Wants?

Each want and need create a formula look like this:

Tension → Desire → Action To Satisfy That Desire

  • The tension comes from an LF8 need.
  • This tension then creates a drive within us to soothe this tension as soon as possible
  • Of course, the drive leads to whatever action that satisfies the desire.

Make sense?

This formula applies to EVERY product or service that’s ever been sold.  Which means that if you use this formula whenever you’re writing copy of any kind, you will trigger tension, which creates a drive to take action to satisfy this created desire…

And that, my friends, is what we copywriters like to call:  Call To Action.

For more tips on how to write better copy, check out my blog at

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