A Funny Technique That You Can Use In Your Sales To Increase Brand Awareness

So my friend Daniel hates puns…

It’s like he has an anathema for puns. Especially for corny ones. So whenever we start cracking jokes, I can’t help but exploit his weaknesses and PUNish him for it (Sorry Dan!).

Me? I find them hilarious. Are they stupid most of the time? Sure. But they’re so stupid they’re funny.

Puns stick in your head. It’s almost like they create a loophole in your mind the same way a catchy song does.

So what happens when you throw a pun or two in your ad copy?

The ad becomes super toxic – in a good way. Plus, the punnier (I mean, funnier) the puns, the better.

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Reasons Why Puns Work So Well

One could argue that puns were an easy way out of actually being creative. On the contrary, GOOD puns require a respectable amount of thought and effort in order to be effective. Otherwise, they can put people off from the stupidity.

Other reasons why puns can work are:

They’re Relevant

Puns can capture a great deal of relative significance and link it back to whatever product you’re writing about.

They’re The Source Of Good Emotions (When They’re Not Cringeworthy).

Like I said before: Puns can be funny. If puns are making your audience laugh, they’re acting as a source of good emotions. Once people tailor good emotions with your offers, the hard work is done for you! But again, you have to be careful. If the puns are more corny than clever, people might see your offer as corny – which is all bad.

They’re Direct

There’s rarely any fluff in puns. They’re funny because they’re straight to the point. Good puns are never drawn out, nor do they have to be explained.

They Inspire More Puns!

Funny puns make you want to come up with more puns! In fact, they can get so addicted that it’s almost impossible to stop! Imagine if you had playful puns about your product that was spreading all over the internet – and they were converting into sales!

They’re Memorable

The best thing about puns, though, is not because they’re dumb, clever or hilarious…It’s that they’re memorable. People will always remember your product because of puns. That’s why puns are so powerful!

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How To Use Puns In Your Sales Ads

The convenience that puns provide for your sales copy and ads is unrivaled. As a self-proclaimed pun master such as myself, here are 3 steps to coming up with clever puns to help boost your product sales.

  1. Think about your product and think about the pain points it targets for your audience.

  2. Attach it to something relatable that everyone is familiar with.

  3. Be witty, clever and funny.

That’s really all there is to it

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Puns Are Pretty…PUNbelievable Huh?

I’m sorry, I had to. LOL.
But seriously though. Try them out sometime! You’ll find that puns are as powerful as they are easy to implicate!

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