Avoid Neediness In Sales With Pre-Framing

Neediness is probably the number one killer to getting anything you want in life – including sales and conversions for your business.

  • You’re never going to get that business deal if your potential client thinks you NEED them more than they need you.
  • You’re never going to score with that hottie that you’ve been crushing on if you give off the vibe that you NEED them to function or be happy (at first).
  • And most of all, you’re never going to convince your potential ideal clients to buy from you if you make it clear that you desperately NEED them to buy from you.Yes, you do need people to buy from you in order to run a functioning business. But let’s be honest: Neediness is freaking annoying. It makes people run for the hills and steer clear from you.

In order to get what you want from people, you have to “pre-frame” your approach in a way that’s going to provide value to them.

As a child, if I wanted cake and ice-cream for dessert on a school night, I couldn’t just say, “hey dad, I really want cake after dinner.” Especially if I hadn’t even finished eating yet.

However, I cannot tell you how often I got cake and ice-cream after dinner after showering my dad with compliments on how awesome his cooking was (my dad could put Gordon Ramsey to SHAME, if he wanted to).

Same with hanging out with women on dates. If you want a kiss at the end of the night (or more), don’t you think it wise to spend the night mentioning how beautiful they look and how amazing they smell, and giving them the time of their lives? The chances of you locking lips during your night cap will increase tremendously (trust…lol).

No, this isn’t “kissing up” to people to get what you want. It’s much different. How? Because of a very simple phrase that nobody understands anymore:

It’s Not About You.

It’s about THEM. Knowing what THEY want. It’s about giving value to others.

If people spent more time focusing on how they can give value to others, rather than how much they can take from others, than getting what you want would be much easier.

Giving value is essential to copywriting and sales, and can be done almost perfectly with the art of pre-framing.

Let me show you what I mean.

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The Power of Pre-Framing

So now that you have an idea of what pre-framing is, what does it have to do with copywriting and online marketing?

According to Online Powerhouse Russell Brunson, he writes that when you learn to pre-frame your presentations for sales funnels it builds trust and familiarity with your ideal prospects. The more they trust you, and the more familiar they are with what your product does – the more likely they will buy

Brunson shows us just how powerful pre-framing is in his best-seller DotCom Secrets when he shares about an experiment that was done at MIT. A bunch of NLP experts informed a class of 70 economics students that they were getting a substitute teacher for the day. The students were given a short biography of the teacher that shared all of his accomplishments and awards for his most recent work.

But there was only one catch…

Half of the students received a biography that mentioned ONE phrase: That basically, he was awesome, kind, and warm-hearted person. The other half received the same bios, except for it was mentioned that he was “cold-hearted.”

After all of the students read the bios, the half who read that he was an awesome person fell absolutely in love with him and were excited to meet him. The other half, who read that he was cold-hearted, said that he was a terrible, awful person and dreaded having to meet him at all.

Same person. Same bios. Same accomplishments and achievements. But because of ONE simple sentence that described the substitute teacher as either warm-hearted or cold-hearted was enough to change the entire perception of half of the students in the room.

This, my friends, is the power of pre-framing.

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How To Pre-Frame To Dramatically Increase Sales

As you can imagine, the power of pre-frame directly correlates with the art of selling, persuasion and marketing. All it takes is an effective pre-framing to determine whether or not your product sells or flops.

If you’re selling a new pair of running shoes to a client with the pre -framing of:

“Man, these are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever worn in my entire life! Before this, I was dealing with shin splints, blisters and tendonitis on the regular. These shoes not only make me feel like I’m running on clouds, I even feel like I’m running faster!!! Learn more about these shoes here…”

Chances are, you’re going to experience a massive increase in sales – especially if you’re targeting to die-hard runners.

But if your pre-framing sounds like:

“These are the WORST shoes known to man. There’s no support what-so-ever in these suckers, and my feet get super sore whenever I put them on! I’ve never had shin-splints before I started wearing these shoes. Learn more about these shoes here…”

You’d be insane to think you’d make a single conversion, let alone sale.

Could you imagine having busted your butt on a product that you’re ready to sell, and your sales pitch completely bombing – all because somebody said something negative about you? Petty, I know. But it happens more often than you realize.

Your goal is to prep your ideal audience with powerfully positive pre-framing so that once they come in contact with your product, they already expect great things.

Pre-Frame To Get Whatever You Want In Life

When you’ve mastered the power of pre-framing, your rewards don’t stop at just massive conversions for your business. You can pre-frame and get anything you want in life – from crazy deals, hookups, dates – you can even get things for free!

Try it out! I hear pre-framing is the best way to make new friends and swing the odds in your favor (Did I just pre-frame pre-framing? You bet!).

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