Convert Like Crazy In Just 4 Simple Questions

Russell Brunson is a legend when it comes to building sales funnels. But what’s even better is how he writes his copy. Not only is it good for his funnels – it can also be formatted into high converting sales letters!

He’s got a ton of funnel scripts that he uses. All of them tested and proven to bring in positive results. But there’s one script that he uses that is so simple it’s ridiculous! He simply answers 4 questions and just watches his bank account fill up from the conversions of the funnel! Wanna know what these questions are? Of course you do! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you exactly what they are!

3 W’s & An H

So seriously, what are they?

Russell Brunson talks about this funnel script in his amazing book, DotCom Secrets. He calls it the Who, What, Why, How script. It’s no surprise that this strategic script is incredible. But then again, it’s Russell Brunson, so of course it’s incredible.

So without further adieu, here are the 4 simple questions that will lead to amazing results.


Who are you? All you have to do here is simply state your name.


What are you selling. Here you just name your product.


Why do they need what you’re selling? This is where you list the benefits that will add value to their life.


How can they get this product? This is where you walk them through the order process. Make sure it’s as simple as possible.

Other Elements

The four questions above will give your readers the entire gist of your product. But to give you even more of an advantage, Brunson adds a couple more elements for your script.


Here, you list all the people who’ve already used your product and experienced amazing results! These people share their stories about how their lives were without your product, and how their lives were transformed WITH your product.

The Catch:

Thanks to all the scams that fester throughout the internet, everyone thinks there’s some kind of catch to an online offer, no matter what you’re selling. But rather than try to avoid the white elephant in the room, address it head on. Explain to them that there is no catch, and the real reason why you’re selling the product. If you want them to pay for shipping and handling, ask them in the form of a favor like, “all I need you to do is help me with the shipping and handling.” That way you can be honest and everything remains out in the open.

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Sense of Urgency:

Here you want to explain why they need the product NOW. To do this, you mention that you only have a few copies of your book left, or there’s less than 3 slots open for the upcoming webinar etc. You can even just keep it simple like Russell Brunson says and write, “once they’re gone, they’re gone.” As long as they know they can’t wait around for this product to fall into their lap.

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Throw in a money-back guarantee to easy any uneasiness that may be stopping your customers from buying. Let them know that you’ve taken away all of the risks for them.

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Here, you review the name of the product, what it does and what benefits they’re receiving, and why they need it. Then hit them with the call to action!

You can find more of Russell Brunson’s funnel scripts in his book DotCom Secrets.

Try It Out!

In my opinion, this is probably the most simplest breakdown of a sales letter that I’ve ever come across! That’s why it’s perfect for landing page copy, as it would make for the perfect short sales letter! Try it out for your landing pages and prepare for some amazing results!

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