Exposing Your Ideal Prospect’s Ugly Truth In Your Sales Letters and Ads (WARNING: Potentially Dangerous).

In a previous blog, I wrote about how I was browsing the internet one day and bumped into an ad about how to attract hot women. The ad was for a book called “The Tao of Badass,” written by Joshua Pellicer. When I clicked on it, I was met with a video sales letter script, read by Josh’s actual voice.

Clearly, it was an effective script, because it made me want to buy the book and become a badass myself…

But some months later, I bumped into another ad selling the same book. This ad, however, linked back to a different VSL that was MUCH more vulgar and explicitly descriptive.

I mean, dude was describing how “this one secret thing” he learned from Pellicer not only had him attracting the women he wanted but how he had the women doing anything he wanted them to do to them…

Then he would describe HOW these women would do these things to him, in the most vulgar way possible…

He even tells a graphic story about how he has a threesome with a woman and her 19-year-old daughter (you would’ve thought these women were launching their careers in porn – starting with this guy)!

The copy was aggressive, filled with profanity and required a TON of viewer discretion. But it got to me, leaving me sexually frustrated. Hungry, even. It was like he stole a giant mallet from a fair, hoisted it up in the air and crushed the green button that activated my most feral, primal, sexual urges…

Fluff, I’ll admit it – In that moment I felt like I NEEDED that book to try on the next hot girl I saw walking down the street because he exposed my latent CRAVING for sex, the way you RIP out your enemy’s heart and crush it in your palms in Mortal Kombat…

But it really wasn’t just the desire for passionate smashing that made me fall victim to this sales letter…

He exposed my TRUTH.

He cut through the BS. And I didn’t stand a chance.

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Expose The Truth Behind Your Reader’s Desires

What does this have to do with copywriting?

Imagine writing in a way that cuts through all the fluff and nonsense and speaks to the primal urges of your readers…

What exactly would that sound like?

Something like:

Meet the girl of your dreams and start building long-lasting connections and relationships today!

Or would it sound like:

Have her salivating in her panties at first sight of you so you can f*** the living s*** outta her in the nearest public restroom!

Which one sounds more…arousing…to you?

And be honest.

Because if we’re being real right now (which I am), it’s incredibly difficult to ignore our base primal desires…one of them obviously being sex.

Now don’t get me wrong. Depending on your target audience, you may be able to get away with fluffy evasive language like, “create a bond with your lover that keeps her physically open and addicted to you…”

Maybe when you tell them what they really want, which is to “have her begging you to demolish her in different languages…”

Maybe it’s a little intimidating, even for them.

But it’s true.

It’s what people REALLY want.

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The Curse Of Political Correctness

In the book, “The Boron Letters,” Gary Halbert makes a true point when he writes to his son:

“…All of us, including thee and me, have a slightly shrewd idea of ourselves. We often try to convince others and ourselves that we are something we are not, something we have an idea we ‘should’ be. Therefore, truth, my good son, can be determined NOT by how people use their mouths, but rather, how they use their wallets.” (Ch 8.)

Truer words have never been spoken.

I may be wrong about this whole thing, but here’s what I’m trying to get across:

I believe that it is our duty as copywriters (or marketers, in general) to help our prospects suck the poison out. That metaphorical poison being from their pain points. And if we’re too busy beating around the bush about what our readers really want, you may not get the REAL results you want. And neither will they.

If you can master the ability to tell apart what your customers say from what your customers ACTUALLY want, the faster you can pinpoint what really drives people.

By the way, if you want to learn more about standing out in your copy, check out the blog: How Standing Out In Your Copy Gives You The Best Advantage.

As uncomfortable as this can potentially be, try it sometime in your copy. You can always test it and if it doesn’t work, then you’ll know. But at least you’ll be honest.

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