Flood Your Reader With a TON Of Benefits

It doesn’t really hit you until you actually think about it:  People are all about themselves in almost every aspect of life. And in order to get what you want, you have to sell them in ways that fully cater to their interests.  Whether that’s selling a product, closing a deal, or even asking someone on a date.  Like we talked about in a previous blog about benefits, all they want to know is how to answer their most important question:  WIIFM: “What’s In It For Me?”

The concept of benefits leads all the way back to when we discussed the Life-Force 8, which is embedded in ALL humans.

So, how exactly do we answer this question in all aspects? How do we make it hard for your prospects to say “No?”

Simple:  You bombard them with a ton of benefits!

I mean it. Don’t hold back with how your product or service is going to not only solve their problems but also give them everything they’ve ever wanted.  If anything, benefits are probably the most bottom-line fundamental of advertising.  Without it, you’ll never successfully sell anything.

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“What’s In It For Me?”

When you’re pulling out all the stops and throwing in all your product’s benefits, remember one thing:  FEATURES AND BENEFITS ARE NOT THE SAME!  Remember, nobody cares about all the gits-and-gadgets of your product AKA the features.  All they want to know is how those features are going to make their lives easier, better, and more convenient.  “If features are the cause, benefits are the effect,” remember?

Oh, and be careful not to write in the perspective of what YOU want.  Sorry, but nobody cares about that, either.  All they care about, (and all you should care about), is how to appeal to their needs and desires.

Here’s one exercise that Drew Eric Whitman does at his seminar that helps people master benefits.  If you want to really feed the needs of your prospect’s WIIFM syndrome is this:

Pretend that you’re your ideal prospect.  Read the features of your product aloud. For every feature your product has, ask yourself in the most blatant, obnoxious way possible: “Big Deal! What’s in it for me!?” And as clear as possible, write the benefit of that feature to shut that prospect up!

You can have a grip load of fun with this, plus, this exercise is much more fun with a friend:

Business Owner: “This new GPS system has built-in voice command.”

Prospect: “BIG DEAL! What’s in it for me!?”  *throws arms in the air being super extra.*

Business Owner: Your GPS can verbally guide you to your destination without you having to look down at your phone, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road to prevent car accidents.

Prospect:  “Oh… well, I am leasing this new Lexus…”

Business Owner:  “New Beats By Dre Headphones can be activated by Bluetooth Technology…”

Prospect: “So!? The F**k? What’s in it for me!?”  *Flips over table.*

Business Owner:  “You are now unrestricted by annoying wires that can damage your speakers if yanked or worn down. Plus you have access to the free range of motion for when you’re working out, on your laptop or computer, or listening to music.  And you can control the volume of your speakers through your mobile device.”

Prospect: “Oh..”  *Fixes table*  “That actually does sound pretty cool.”

Business Owners:  “Our new hoverboards allow you to move around without using your hands  or feet!”

Prospect:  “I DON’T GIVE A F**K! What’s it for MEEEE!?” *Jumps out of a window.*

Business Owners: “You can be lazy and not have to walk anywhere while looking like a pretentious douchebag!”

Prospect: *dies from fall.*

Just kidding (not really) …but seriously…

You get the point, right?

By the time you’re done with this exercise, you’ll have the concept of benefits ingrained in your subconscious, with a ton of hilarious memories.

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Bottom Line

All jokes aside: when your copy emphasizes that your product can give your readers exactly what they want – or even better: what they need – then you will always be able to sell your product.  But if you have a TON of benefits, and EVERY benefit your product has can solve EVERY aspect your prospect’s problems…

…then you have no choice but to make a TON of money!

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