How Keeping Things Simple Makes You More Money

I’m not sure about you, but I hated reading textbooks in school…

Reading would take F-O-R-E-V-E-R; with never-ending chapters of thick blocks of text, filled with tiny-sized New Times Roman font…

And it was always about BORING subjects that were never interesting…

Then there was college courses and their 1,000+ page scholarly journals…And their cited sources from OTHER scholarly journals…

College students, you know exactly what I’m talking about (ESPECIALLY you fellow writing majors). And Unless you’re some sadistic mental masochist who actually likes reading through college textbooks like the latest Cosmopolitan issue, having to read chapters of dense, wordy text blocks, and then trying to decipher a message through all of that information, is never fun.

More importantly – it’s the LAST thing you want to put your potential customers through.

Lucky for you, copywriting is COMPLETELY different.

Rather than writing a bunch of filler sentences in your essay to meet your minimum page requirement, copywriting rewards you with more by writing less. And when I say more, I mean more value, more conversions, and much more money.

Keeping Your Copy Simple

Quick question:

Did you know that the most important, most effective key to high converting written communication is “Writing so people can understand?”

Obvious, right? But it’s true. Your only goal as a marketer is to get people to take action. The best way to that is to write using simple, basic words.

Now of course creativity comes into play. But the fact still remains: You want your copy to be easily read so that your message can be easily understood.

Some Simple Tips

Ironically keeping your copy simple isn’t always, well…simple. So here are 4 tips that you can follow to write quick, simple copy to maximize your ad’s effectiveness.

Use Short, Simple Words

When we’re in school, we’re preparing how to write at the college level. So throughout our academic career, we overcompensated by stuffing gigantic words in each sentence JUST to take up space. Now we think we’re so cool sounding like some stuffy, tight-ass Ivy-League professor in everything we write…

But it can sound a little condescending at times. And people are going to assume you’re facetious, pretentious prick when you throw around big words for no reason.

Sure, it’s cool to sound smart…except for when nobody understands what you’re saying…

And when you’re trying to convey your message to potential customers it’s a MUST that they understand what you’re saying!

SO – Whenever you’re writing, practice using short, simple words. Instead of walking up to your crush and asking:

“Care to join me this evening as I engage in a temporary spell of merriment and alcohol consumption?”

How about:

“Hey. Drinks Later?”

I can almost guarantee brevity is much more effective, or a drink on me…later…

Write Shorter Sentences

With shorter words naturally, come shorter sentences. And naturally, shorter sentences are much easier to read.

When scanning through your copy, single out all of your super long sentences and chop them into two or three sentences. You’ll notice that your copy will flow better. You’ll also notice that you will move through your copy much quicker!

Your goal is to express only ONE thought in each sentence. This simplifies your writing and makes it even easier to read. Plus, it’s much faster to write sentences this way!

Note: If you’re still in school or college and you’re reading this, you can try this with your essays, too! Your teacher will appreciate it, and who knows? You might get a better grade!

The Absolute Clutchness of the Short, Short Paragraph Technique.

Speaking of writing faster: I’m about to share with you one of the top reasons why copywriting is super effective…

It’s all thanks to the Short, Short Paragraph Technique.

But wait…what does a “short, short paragraph” look like?

How about like the sentence DIRECTLY above this one?

Notice how fast you’re reading these sentences and moving down this page?

THIS is the power of the short, short, paragraph.

Your eyes are being tricked to move down this page to read the next sentence below…

See? Told ya.

And when you’re writing sentences THIS way…

It’s a lot easier to convey, persuade, and sell…

And it’s easy to do it REALLY fast.

Cool, huh?

Always start your sales letter with your sales pitch in just one sentence. If you’re selling a weight loss supplement, you can start with:

“Want to lose 60 pounds in less than 60 days?

Well, guess what? Now you can!

And if you keep reading below…”

And you’re off smooth sailing from there!

Once you master the style of simplicity, it will be a lot easier to convey your message and sell your products and services!

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