How Planting Seeds In Your Copy Can Grow Into Massive Profits

I have quite a few entrepreneurial friends. Each of them basically teaches within the same themes: Financial freedom, escape from the rat-race, freedom from the paycheck-to-paycheck life, etc. Many of them are successful, while others are still hustling, knowing they will eventually get there one day…

Meanwhile, you have everyone else who fears the unknown. They talk down your dreams only to convince you that a 9-5 job and 40-hour work week is the best way to go. It’s easy to get sucked back into the life of mediocrity, especially since the life of an entrepreneur can be very challenging in the beginning.

Just when I started falling back into this comfortable – but boring – routine, my good friend Randall started reaching out to me.

Randall became a Shopify expert in what seemed like overnight, making 5 figures in a matter of weeks. Because we’re friends, naturally he reached out to me to help me do the same thing (Randall, if you’re reading this, I will always appreciate you, brother!).

At first, I said, “Naw, I’m good bro. I’m on my own path to become a great copywriter! (I’m still on that path).”

But then something started to happen…

I started to grow weary of my little part-time job. I started getting annoyed having to wake up when I didn’t want to, taking orders from people I didn’t feel like listening to…

Here comes Randall again a few weeks later. “Bro, I just helped a guy make over $2,000 in a week! Let’s get started already!”

“Fluff…sounds even more tempting. But naw, I don’t think I have the money or time to have my own online store…”

“Okay, bro, just let me know when you’re ready!”

Suddenly I HATED working for people. All I could think about is, “Man, I could’ve been that guy making 2 grand in a week!”

The more I thought about owning my own online store, the more I detested driving to a job I wasn’t passionate about.

Finally, I folded. I hit up Randall and confessed. “I can’t stand having a job! I want to learn how to make tons of money from an online store! Tell me what I gotta do and I’ll do it!”

Before I knew it, I was in a webinar with Randall as he taught me the ins-and-outs on how to build an online store!

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What the heck happened? I went from being reluctantly content with my part-time job, to desperately wanting to work for myself and build an online store…?

Was it because Randall was a master salesmen? Or maybe it’s because I’m already an entrepreneur that’s super focused on building a GIANT copywriting empire These are both possibilities.

But the real reason was something far more psychological. Randall did something that was incredibly effective and yet totally under the radar…

He planted seeds in my brain.

By planting, I mean he simply checked in periodically and agitated my pain points on a subconscious level. Every time he invited me to learn about building an online store, he was watering these seeds. Before I knew it, these seeds had grown into fully ripened desires that I couldn’t ignore.

In this blog, we’re going to learn how to plant seeds into your copy, and watch them grow into massive profits!

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How To Plant Seeds In Your Copy

Planting seeds is a lot easier than it sounds. You plant a seed in the form of an idea into the mind of your prospect, and then continue to water this seed as you watch it grow into something beautiful – a sale.

What is it that your ideal, dream prospects are looking for? What is it that they long for? What are their deepest pain points and desires? All you have to do is continue to agitate these pain points and desires until they are completely distracted by the burning desire for you and your product.

So how exactly do you do this?

In sales letters, VSL scripts or any marketing campaign, you want to answer EVERY SINGLE OBJECTION they could ever think of with your product’s abilities.

If it’s an ongoing campaign, be sure that every piece of content targets a specific pain point or desire. By the time they’re done reading your content, you want them to be left with no excuse as to why they won’t buy what you’re selling.

You’ll notice most successful marketers plant seeds in the form of email campaigns, YouTube channels, and blogs. They make their products or services more and more relevant in the minds of their ideal prospects. Over time,, their prospects start to subconsciously find a need to justify their desires to take advantage of their offers. Because of this, these marketers end up selling their products and services without having to actively sell them!

It truly is a genius concept!

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Plant, Grow & Prosper

So whenever you’re writing copy for a marketing campaign, you always want to think long-term. Plant seeds and watch them grow and prosper. Next thing you know, your bank account will be full from feasting off of the fruits of your own labor!

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