How Standing Out In Your Copy Gives You The Best Advantage

You’re in a bar with some of your best homeboys having a great time. Music’s bumpin’, people are mellow and for the most part, conservative. You and your friends camp out at the bar taking turns to buy rounds of tequila…

Suddenly, SHE walks in.

A beautiful woman who stands about 5’5, glistening caramel skin with dark curly hair, wearing a tight red dress that accentuates her hips and slim waist while cradling her full breasts; with a slit on both sides to expose her lusciously toned legs; which by the way, either lead up to her thick, ample peach, or lead down to her golden colored Jimmy Choo stilettos that glamorize her grapefruit sized calves…

She’s delicious. And you can’t help but stare. Neither can your friends. But don’t worry, you guys aren’t the only ones. In fact, there are countless men who are now in trouble with their girlfriends who caught them red-handed, drooling at the sight of this masterpiece of a woman. And then you have the other women, subconsciously giving snarling looks and already planning to start that 30-day squat challenge as soon as they get home…

This woman didn’t have to do much and yet, she can get any guy she chooses in that bar. And there’s nothing their girlfriends can do about it…

This, my friends, is the advantage of standing out.

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Beware Of “Business In-Breeding”

Imagine your ad or copy is the sexy woman, your prospects are the staring men, and your competitors are the jealous, other women. If your copy for the product is so irresistible that it stands out from the crowd of mediocre monotony, then guess what? Your clients will flock to you. They’ll talk about you to their friends.

And your competitors? Well, they’ll do what they can to keep their customers. Hell, they may even go out of their way to try and manipulate them into staying loyal. But they can’t deny that one thing: That you and your product stand out from the others, all thanks to your copy.

You would think that most advertisers and marketers would know this already. But the truth is, they either forget or have no idea at all. People are too busy trying to do what everyone else is doing, under the impression that whatever everyone else is doing works. Drew Eric Whitman calls this a prime example of “Business In-Breeding” where the “end result is weak, mutant advertising that means nothing to nobody” (134). Before you know it, whatever strategy is trending becomes incredibly saturated, and suddenly, you’re back to being like everyone else.

This is why Apple is so profound. The last thing you think about when you think about Apple is the status quo. Instead, they’ve built a reputation as innovators. No matter who’s hot on the market, they will never be Apple.

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Be A Rebel. Be Different.

One of the best ways to write unique outstanding copy is to find your own voice. Why? Because it’s impossible to be like anyone else when you’re being yourself. When you’re writing from the heart. When you’re authentic and genuine, your prospects will feel it, which will make them loyal to you. You will have something your competitors don’t have, and you’ll be able to express that in ways your competitors can’t.

All it requires is that you don’t be afraid of your own voice. Have the courage to be bold and think outside the box. Before you know it, you’ll be shaking up the industry, with everyone admiring and talking about you.

You want your target audience to choose you over others because, at this point, you become relatable to their egos. And when that happens, you’ll have loyal customers to the very end!

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