How To Add Immense Value To Your Products & Services

There’s no doubt about it: your product or service is fire. You know for a fact that you can change lives with it once people utilize it and make it a part of their lives. But you may find yourself held back by some sort of ceiling financial-wise. You may need to ask yourself: Are you maximizing the value of your product?

What are the most unique qualities of your product or service, and how are you capitalizing on them? Are you capitalizing on these qualities at all? Because if you don’t, you could be leaving boatloads of cash on the table!

Let’s say your business is simply selling and fixing tires. For the most part, you make good money because everybody needs tires. But here’s the problem: there are at least 5 different tire shops in your area, and they all sell and fix tires – and offer better prices!

So what do you do?

Simple – you give more value to your customers.

But how?

Russell Brunson is unmistakably THE master at resolving this issue. In fact, he created what he calls, “The Value Ladder” to optimize your business and increase sales faster than ever before!

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How Does The Value Ladder Work?

If you were to use the value ladder to give more value, you would need to implement 4 elements: Bait, Frontend, Middle, and a Backend.


Bait is exactly what it sounds like. It’s usually something that’s offered for free to attract more customers. For example, your tire shop could offer a free tire inspection to check the status of their tires. Or maybe you can offer a free one-time air-filling service. This can reveal the condition of the tires much easier ( would assume. I don’t know…). Maybe throw in a free air-freshener to top things off…


Once your customers have taken the bait, then you can pitch them with your tire service:

“Hey, your tires look a little worn out. We can actually change those out for you at a discounted price today!”

Then you can sell them a little more:

“Yeah, because if you keep driving on these tires, they’ll start to bald, making you 5X more prone to preventable car accidents…”

Get it?


Here’s where you have to be a little more creative. Say your customers accept your tire service and are very pleased. Here’s where you can hit them with even more value. How about an alignment adjustment?

“Hey, I’m glad you came in to change your tires when you did. But the reason why they were wearing down so quickly is because your car has a misalignment! If you don’t straighten your alignment soon, you will spend a fortune on changing out tires quicker than we can put them on for you! We can do an alignment for you for $______.”

You’re up-selling them, not because you’re trying to make more money out of them, but because you’ve demonstrated the value of your business from changing tires. This up-sell is nothing but a complement to the service you already provided, which gives them even more of a reason to trust you.

If they accept your offer, you’ve just increased your profit way past the price of simply changing a tire!


Lastly, a conclusion sell. Here’s where you can provide something like a monthly maintenance fee to for your customers to keep them around:

“Would you be interested our tire-care package? It comes with an unlimited use of the air pumping machine, along with as many tire checkups and maintenance as you want. We’ll switch out your tires when needed and you won’t have to pay extra! Plus, we’ll even check the alignment of your tires and perform alignments if needed. All for just $____ a month!”

Let’s say the customer says “yes.” Now you have passive revenue coming into your business every month from the immense value you just added for your customers as well as your business!

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The More Value You Add, The Better!

So what kind of business do you own? What products are you trying to sell? If you’re a copywriter or a marketer, what are your clients trying to sell? Whatever it is, if you use the value letter, you’ll increase your sales in no time!

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