How To Find Your Dream Prospects, Customers & Clients In 4 Steps

So you know what to write and what to say to get the results you want. You’ve studied the craft of selling, sales writing, marketing, or whatever craft you specialize in…But do you know exactly who you’re selling to?

You would think that when you’re selling a particular product or service, it would be wise to sell to everybody. But this mindset couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, trying to sell to ANYONE and EVERYONE is a great way to stress yourself out and feel unfulfilled.

Why? Because of a few reasons:

  • You’ll be catering to audiences who may not have the money to buy or use your services.
  • You’ll be serving people who you don’t respect or understand the value of your product or service.
  • You’ll spend more time doing things that make you less money for clients, rather than what you really want – actually building value and making a real difference.For example: If you’re trying to sell a book on how to help take someone’s business to the next level of wealth, wouldn’t you rather be dealing with an audience who are willing to pay handsomely for your tips and tricks?

Or would you rather spend your time teaching people the importance of buying a domain for a website, knowing the ins-and-outs of their product etc. BEFORE teaching them the tricks of the trade?

Now don’t get me wrong: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with teaching people the basics of whatever you’re selling. However, when you have a vision, an idea where you know you can add immense value to people’s lives, then having to go over the basics all the time can seem redundant and can make you miserable.

Mostly because you KNOW you want to help people…just not in this way.

Be honest. It’s annoying.

In order to give the most value, you have to know who exactly is going to benefit the most from your product or services. We’ll call these people your ideal prospects or “dream clients.” Lucky for you, there are only 4 questions you must answer in order to find these special people.

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Find Your Dream Clients With These 4 Questions

In Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets, he talks about the importance of knowing who your “dream clients” are, and even goes into detail about knowing what they look like, how they think, etc. Initially, he boils it down to 4 crucial questions that need to be answered before you sell to anyone:

Who Are They?

Again, it’s not enough to just sell to everyone and anyone. WHO are the people that are not only going to benefit from your product the most but who you WANT to sell to? Write down who your ideal clients are and list all of their qualities. If you have a business detailing cars, maybe your ideal clients are people who spend a ton of money on tinting their windows or installing stereos and sound systems in their cars. These are the people who are going to understand your business the most.

Where Can You Find Them?

Once you know exactly who these people are, now you must know where to find them. Where would a car enthusiast spend most of his time? Car wash? Car shows? Dealerships? What kind of magazines do they read? What kind of websites do they visit? What blogs and email lists do they subscribe to? Once you know where to find these people, you’ll know where to target them.

What Bait Will You Use To Attract Them?

You know who these people are and where they hang out. Now all you gotta do is get their attention somehow with some bait. What can you offer to bait them into taking a look at your ad? How can you spark their curiosity enough to where they want to try out your services? Maybe you can give them something for free, like a car freshener with an incredibly rare and unique scent. I dunno, be creative. Your ideal clients will appreciate you for it.

What Is The Main Result You Want To Give Them?
Lastly, what’s the main result you want to give these dream clients of yours. How can your product or service add immense value to their lives? Is your main result WORTH the money you want people to pay?

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It’s All About Giving Value

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help everyone. But when you have a laser focus on those who will understand, appreciate, and benefit the most from your product or service, you’ll feel like you’re really making a difference!