How To Infuse Integrity In Your Writing

We all know those people who talk a big game in front of others but can’t back up what they say if they’re lives depended on it…

I experienced this first-hand recently at one of my best friend’s wedding. As we were preparing for the ceremony we all wanted to pregame with some Jameson whiskey. The bride’s gorgeous, younger sister had spent a good portion of the day bragging about how she could hold her liquor and that we all couldn’t keep up with her.

In some way or another, I ended up challenging her with a shot of whiskey. “Take the shot,” I taunted.

But instead of taking the shot, she poured her whiskey into MY glass and said, “YOU take the shot!”

Because I have a big ego, I stomached what seemed to be, like, 4 shots in one gulp. “Okay,” I said feeling a little woozy. “Your turn.”

“Umm… THAT is how I take my shots,” she says with a sneaky smirk.

LIES!! Not only did she prove she can’t hold her liquor – she proved she couldn’t even hold A GLASS of liquor!

But what does this all have to do with writing sales copy?

Well, those who can’t back up what they say display a lack of integrity. And while this was all fun and games at a wedding, if I were a prospect she was trying to sell to, there’s no way she would’ve got off this easy.

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The Dangers of Sensationalism In Copy

Copywriter legend Joe Sugarman gives his definition in the book, “Triggers”: “Walking your talk.” In other words, whatever you say you’re going to do, you gotta do it no matter what. Your words and your actions must align. It is only then that you can truly show integrity. Not just in copy, but in all things in your life.

Writing copy for sales letters or VSL scripts can tricky, thanks to the sensationalism. It’s SO easy to get caught up in your own hype and say, for example, things like, “THIS ONE SECRET CAN CURE YOU OF HIV,” But if your secret doesn’t cure HIV, guess who’s getting sued?

That’s why sensationalism is dangerous. No matter what, you have to back up what you say in your copy. If your sales letter says people will love your product or their money back, you have to honor the haters. If your email says the sale ends at midnight, it’s too bad for those who take action at 12:01 am. Make sense?

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Always Keep Your Promises In Your Copy

You have to keep your word, no matter what. Because when you do, your customers will respect your integrity. And once this happens, they don’t have much of a choice BUT to trust you.

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