How To Keep The Call-To-Action Button As Simple As Possible

In a previous blog, I’ve written about how keeping things simple will lead to more conversions and make you more money in the long-run (last time nobody likes to read a textbook, last time I checked).

One time I was hired to be a social media copywriter for a company selling healthy frozen desserts. Working with the marketing manager, we had a rather condescending conversation about the CTA button for some copy we were working on (condescending because she kept patronizing me with her “12 years of copywriting experience”…).

Luckily, I found the silver lining through her aggressive passive aggression. She taught me that you ALWAYS want to keep the CTA button as brief and simple as possible. I also learned from that conversation that it’s not as common sense as one might think.

You’d be surprised how difficult marketers make the call to action when they ask for the sale (if they ask for the sale at all). So in this blog, we’re going to talk about how to always keep your CTA button easy and simple.

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To Keep Your CTA To Just 1-3 Words Max

Keeping your CTA button easy and simple should complement the rest of your copy, which should also be an easy read.

Imagine an ad that looked like this:

“This smoothie is gluten-free…

It’s also GMO-Free…

And it barely has any calories!

And today, you can try it for absolutely free!

So if you want to taste the best smoothie of your life on everything including my momma then click on this button that you’re still reading because it’s so freaking long if you want to experience the goodness that is this smoothie!!!!!”

Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, huh?

Although above may be a little bit of an over exaggeration, the point I was trying to make was how the CTA button was completely incongruent with the rest of the copy.

Now if your copy went a little something like this:

“This smoothie is gluten-free…

It’s also GMO-Free…

And it barely has any calories!

And today, you can try it for absolutely free!


I’ll bet on everything, “including my momma,” that it will convert much better!


Because it’s easy to read. It’s direct. There’s no fluff, and the CTA button is 1-3 words.

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Always Aim To Make It As Easy As Possible To Get To The CTA

Quick story:

I was working with my friend Dom selling skin products and it actually ranked to the top of the front page of Google! ORGANICALLY!

But (a very cringe-worthy “but,” I might add…)…


(freaking Dom…).

All the sales we missed out on…all because our CTA was nowhere to be found.

I bring up that painful memory to say this:

We can argue if whether or not the CTA button is the most important piece of the copy. But in order to make money from your writing, you NEED a CTA button. You NEED to tell people what to do next, which is to go to the order page and buy your stuff or subscribe to your email list, etc.

So if your CTA button is that important, why not make it as easy to find as possible?

Otherwise, you’ll be making the same mistake as me and my friend (DON’T make that mistake…please…).

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