How To Make The Best Impression With Product Reviews

When I was working with my friend Dom on our Glowing Youth affiliate site, one of the main things I wrote were product reviews.

You want to know why I LOVE product reviews?

Because they’re pretty much a written sales letter in disguise! Sometimes, even more so than an advertorial!

Check it out…

People go to Rotten Tomatoes, or their friends and family to seek the opinion of a new movie that looks interesting. If Everyone around them says the movie sucks, they won’t see it and just wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix…

But if everyone says the movie was good, then they do go see it. And if they love the movie as much as everyone else, then they’ll go and start telling more people about it!

Product reviews have the same alignment. When you’re reading a product review, someone who has tried the product already is either raving about the benefits that YOU’re looking to experience or complaining about the negative side-effects that you don’t want.

Either way – if it’s a popular product, it will spread like wildfire throughout the internet. Which means one thing:

You only have ONE chance to make a GOOD impression.

And one of the best ways to do that is with a KILLER product review.

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How To Write A Product Review

When writing a product review, I like to go by these steps to maximize its effectiveness.

Tell Your Story

Like a sales letter, you want to tell the story of how life was before the product. Describe how you suffered from the pain points and how you failed with every other similar product. But THEN, you reached a turning point – a recommendation from a friend; or you landed on a strange website, or you saw an ad on Facebook – doesn’t matter. You end up finding the product and then decided to write this review to share your experience.

Talk About The Product

Here’s where you introduce the name of the product and what it does. You highlight some of its main properties and characteristics, along with the main benefit that the product promises.

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Share The Ingredients (if it has any…)

If your product involves in skin care, health, or fitness, talk about the ingredients that make it so powerful. If it doesn’t have ingredients, this is where you would talk about the product’s features.

Share How To Use

Here, you share how to use it. Be as thorough as you can and make sure the instructions are accurate to how you’re supposed to use the product.


Talk about the pros of the product. Here’s where you highlight the benefits.


Bringing up the cons shows unbiased honesty, which will make your readers respect you more.

Answer The Main Objection: “Does This Product Work?”

This is the only reason why people will be reading your review in the first place. They just want to see if it works and if it worked for you. If it does, then they’ll bank on the hope that it will work for them, too!

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Write A RAVING Review!

The best ads are the ones that don’t look like ads. When you’re writing a raving review, pretend that you’re a person chatting with a friend. You wouldn’t lie to your friend, would you? Hopefully not. Instead, you would give them the honest truth of the product. As far as the reader knows, you’re head over heels in love with the product, hence the raving review. And before they know it, they’ll be falling in love, too!

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