How To Make Your Readers Feel Closer To You In Your Copy

Hey there, friend!

I hope all is well with you. I’m just sitting here in a Starbucks in Pacific Beach on a beautiful summer day, milking the stereotype of being a freelancer with a laptop at a Starbucks…

This place is full of students, cranking out their assignments on their laptops, too. Most of them I’m assuming are attending San Diego State.

Today, I’ve decided to write a few blogs about copywriting for you. At first, I was at the beach, but I realized that wasn’t the best idea, as I was distracted by music, children playing in the ocean, and beautiful women strutting around in bikinis…

Anyways, I want to ask you a question:

How much closer do you feel to me right now?

I would hope a little closer than normal. I just opened up to you, dang it.

But seriously… Notice how personal this blog starts out and how I’m revealing to you that I’m a real person, just like you.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about how to create an intimate bond with your readers by simply opening up to them!

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Create A Bond With Specificity

Creating a bond with your readers is the following step after making your copy personal. To create a powerful bond with your reader, one of the best ways to do it is with specific details. For example, I mentioned cranking out a blog at a Starbucks in PB while blending in with students in study groups. If you’re a college student or have ever been in college, there’s a great chance that you can relate to what I’m saying.

And because I’m sharing real, specific events with you, my tone appears authentic and genuine. Hell, if I read this aloud to anyone of these people in the Starbucks, you would think I was having a regular conversation with them.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do when you’ve created a bond through specifying with details.

So the next time you’re writing to your target audience, write about what’s going on around you. Write about how your day is going, and what you’re doing at that exact moment…

THEN tie it together with the main point of discussion, which is to either inform them of a familiar topic, a call to action, etc.

It’s simple as it is fun!

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Russell Brunson’s Seinfeld-Style Email Sequence

The best example of this that I can think of at the moment is Russell Brunson’s “Seinfeld-Style email sequence.

After kicking off your email campaign with his effective 5 email sequence, he starts to nurture the reader with his own stories and events. Many times, they have nothing to do with his products or webinars. In fact, sometimes they don’t have to do with ANYTHING. They’re just events that have taken place in his daily life, just like an episode of Seinfeld.

That show doesn’t really have a storyline or plot. It’s just a show about some friends living in the same apartment, dealing with everyday events. Yet people can’t get enough of the show.


Because people can RELATE to these characters in their own way.

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Opening Up A little Can Lead To Closing More Sales

I’m not suggesting opening up to EVERYTHING that’s going on in your life. There are some things that are simply nobody’s business…

But when you’re telling SPECIFIC stories that not only people can relate to, but can also easily tie into a message or product you’re sharing, people definitely appreciate it – and show that appreciation with more sales!

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