How To Turn Peoples’ Laziness Into Sales

You ever notice how people will tend to believe a lie over the truth when the lie is more entertaining?

For the sake of an argument, let’s pretend that Michael Jackson (rest his soul) was completely framed with this whole label of being a child molester…

By the time it comes out that he actually IS innocent, it’s already too late. He mysteriously dies, and his reputation is ruined. To all the sheeple out there, he will always be remembered for maybe -0r maybe not – being a child molester. But his real fans know the truth, and will always remember him as the King of Pop he will forever be.

Now wait a second – You know he’s innocent. I know he’s innocent. Yet there he was getting slandered and socially dragged through social media because of this “rumor” that he was this creepy pedophile. Mind you: There’s no actual proof that he molested children, nor has he ever been convicted of crimes like child molestation or abuse – he’s never even been caught for having child pornography on his computer…

So why are there still people who believe that he’s a child molester?

Maybe because that’s what everybody else (and their mama) was saying.

I mean, they couuuuuld’ve actually did research like you and me…but come on, that would take forever! Besides, if everybody else is saying he raped kids then obviously must’ve done it, right?

What Is Heuristics?

Ever heard of the term, “Heuristics?”

The word derives from the Greek word heuriskein, which means “to discover.” The word is used to describe individuals who are on the quest for knowledge…

…however, the quest for knowledge does not involve research. Rather, from intellectual “guesswork.”

So when people are saying that Michael Jackson is out there inappropriately touching toddlers to reclaim his missing childhood, it’s a lot easier to just believe what people are saying, rather than go through the pain of looking at both sides of the story and having to consider the complicated, complex details.

Humans Are Lazy By Nature

Regardless of how you may feel about Michael Jackson, what does his scandal have to do with increasing sales in your copywriting?

If we switched the scenario to say that you were selling some product, and everyone was saying it was amazing (instead of a child molester), and people took what they kept hearing for face-value, instead of doing the research and forming their own opinions – then people would buy your product entirely based out of public opinion.

There’s no doubt about it: we humans are naturally lazy creatures, looking for ways to make things easier for ourselves. If there is some kind of shortcut or easier route to take, we are on top of it (that’s why 99% of the population is perfectly okay with mediocrity).

Believe it or not, actually thinking, or engaging in deep thought is painful to humans. So if there is a rumor about a person, place or thing being good or bad, and EVERYBODY is saying it’s one thing, the path of least resistance would be to go by what everyone else is saying, even if it’s the farthest from the truth.

This is why high school was a nightmare for some of us, why social media is dangerous, and why the media is evil.

But check this out:

If people are going to let their decisions be governed by what other people say, why not have people say nothing but GOOD things about YOUR product and service?

The Best Way to Use Heuristics In Your Sales Copy

Author Drew Eric Whitman refers to this as the Length-Implies-Strength principle of Heuristics. This is where understanding the importance of benefits, authority and evidence all comes together. Your goal as a copywriter or marketer is to take away all of the painful thinking before making a decision. How do you do this? Through heuristic decision-making!

I’ve found that the best way to make it incredibly easy to come to a buying decision is through long-form sales letters. Here, you have the opportunity to bombard your prospects with testimonial-after-testimonial; benefit-after-benefit; and tons of examples of already-research evidence and proof.

What’s awesome about this strategy is its simplicity. The longer your sales letter is (because of all the proof, evidence, and raving reviews), the more credible your product will appear. You saved the reader the time of having to do all of that research. Plus, with all the information you’re presenting, what you’re saying MUST be true!

Make things easier for your prospects, and you’ll make it easier to increase conversions and sales!

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