How To Use Pattern Interruptions To Sink Your Prospects In Your Copy

I remember browsing the web and clicking on this ad that claimed that I was going to attract women “by tonight!”

I clicked on the ad and landed on a landing page. It was a video that started something like this:

“Hi, I’m Josh. And this is a fish…”

What the fluff? (I don’t really curse…)

The script continued…

“in a few minutes, I’m going to show you how this fish can teach you how to pull the sexiest women into your bedroom every night of the week!”

Naturally, I asked myself, “Wait. What does fish have to do with pulling women?”

I stopped everything I was doing and proceeded to watch this video, not knowing that I had successfully fallen for an effective pattern interruption. In this blog, I’m going to reveal how pattern interruptions can lead to a ton of conversions for your business, thanks to your copy.

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What Are Pattern Interruptions?

Pattern interruptions are used to dismantle your attention long enough to suck you into a sales pitch. For example, Josh Pellicer started out his video sales letter with “Hi, I’m Josh. And this here is a fish…”

It makes you stop and think like, “What the fluff? A fish? What does a fish have to do with anything?” This then creates a loophole in your mind that your brain wants to close as soon as possible.

Then he says for badem, “in a few minutes, I’m going to show you how this fish can teach you how to pull the sexiest women into your bedroom every night of the week!”

Now you’re thinking, “How in THE FLUFF can a fish do that?” Then boom – another loophole.

Now you’re sucked in the pitch, trying to figure out what the deal is with this damned fish. And it seems like after you close ONE loophole, another one opens. This is not by accident.

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How To Use Pattern Interruptions

From the outside, I know it looks like pattern interruptions are random as hell. Quite the contrary, actually. These pattern interruptions are strategically thought out and relate to the product on some inner level. All you have to do is pick a “random” object, idea, or theme that can be tailored to your product or service.

For example, let’s say you’re selling a product that teaches people how to build their confidence. Your product teaches people how to stand firm and grounded to fight against negative thoughts or disrespect from people. This product’s main goal is to make their prospects feel powerful again…

So you know what you do? You introduce a ROCK to them.

That’s right. A random, semi-spheric rock that chills on the beach, straight chillin’.

What does a rock have to do with self-confidence?

How about the fact that no matter how strong the wind blows, or how aggressive the ocean waves get, or how much sand tries to bury it…

It stays in one spot?

Suddenly the ocean, wind, and sand represent the negativity and obstacles that continue to try to knock you off your center, and how it’s a constant battle to remain grounded and firm. And with the certain level of strength (that they’re going to learn about from using your product), you can weather any storm, withstand, any wave, and no matter how deep you feel buried under the sand, you’ll always come out on top!

Next thing you know, you’ve got everybody who engages with your copy wanting to be strong, consistent, and unwavering…

…like a freaking rock.

Make sense?

Pattern interruptions don’t necessarily have to be random objects. It could start off as a question that sucks you in.

I wrote a sales letter for a client who was selling an eBook on how to forgive others, and it started out like:

It happens out of nowhere…

The person you loved and trusted – your spouse, your best friend, lover, or a family member…

You really thought you knew them, and you could’ve never seen this coming…

Does everyone make mistakes? Sure…

But not like this.

Just when you thought, “They would never do that to me…”

They did.

They lied to you… they cheated and abused you…

They selfishly took advantage of you…

You find yourself dwelling on the pain, replaying the incident in your head over and over…

Trying to understand where you went wrong, and why they would ever do this to you…

But it doesn’t matter…

Because what’s worse is that they never even apologized for hurting you.

And it feels like they don’t even care.

Anyone who could relate to what’s going on (which is EVERYONE) is gonna get sucked into this beginning. Not to mention the constant loopholes that keep being opened. “What happens out of nowhere?” “Who hurt who???” “What did they do that was so bad?????”

Got it?

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Always Interrupt Patterns At The Beginning Of Your Copy!

This is the main objective whenever you want to start a story or a script. Once you’ve interrupted their pattern successfully, they will spend your entire body of copy trying to put the pieces together!

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