How To Use Testimonials To Create Credibility

You may have the coolest, dopest, most effective, most powerful, easy-to-use, fast-acting product on today’s market.  You may have spent tons of money on the ad that you’ve printed or the sales letter you wrote; or spent tons of hours building that online funnel to really get your product out there -and still, nobody’s buying your product.

But why?

Well, probably because:  Nobody believes you, or your product.

And if nobody believes you, what’s the point of it all?

Authority, Credibility & Testimonials

Have you ever wondered why product commercials have people raving about how amazing a product is? When you’re flipping through the channels at night and there are those infomercials that are jam-packed with people insisting that “This (insert crazy product name here) changed my life forever!” and “You’ve got to try it!”

This is actually an incredibly powerful strategy of using testimonials to help sell their products.  Why are testimonials so powerful?  Because they create credibility for your product and brand.  It’s the same reason why you’ll see a movie after your friend couldn’t stop raving about how great it was, or why you’d never go to that restaurant because you heard that someone found a cockroach in their food.

Testimonials hold weight because they’re from REAL people who’ve had REAL experiences. If you can relate to people, chances are you can relate to their experiences. And if they’re saying that your product works for them, then maybe, just maybe, the product can work for you, too!

(By the way, this is why you’ll also notice that companies make it a point to mention that the actors in the commercials ARE NOT actors…in the commercial.)

Things Get Real Crazy When Celebs Get Involved…

You think your friends and family have influence over your buying decisions?  Imagine if your favorite celebrity was telling you that you could be just like them if you drank that soft drink, or bought that cologne or fragrance…

I personally remember a time where people would clown on you to death for wearing Sketcher’s.  Then suddenly, you’ve got Kim Kardashian looking gorgeous in workout attire rocking a pair in tickle-me-pink color.  Next thing you know, you’re not cool if you don’t have at least one pair in your closet.

Then there are the products that you’ve never heard about until a celebrity steps on the scene, like the Dos Equis Guy, drinking Dos Equis beer.  If you want to be anywhere near as cool as the guy who can untie one arm behind his back – WITH ONE ARM BEHIND HIS BACK (lol) – best believe you’re downing a bottle of that magical beer.

Why are celebrities so effective?  Because they have authority.  Everybody knows who they are, and if they say the product is good, you’re more likely to believe them. That’s why big companies use celebrities to sell their products because they have gigantic influence over the masses.  And because of this, celebs make millions of dollars through endorsements.

You may not personally know any celebrities, but if you can harness the power of testimonials to create credibility, you’ll increase your sales much easier.

Make Yourself An Authority – Get Testimonials

So now that you know how powerful testimonials are, how do you get them? They’re not as hard to collect as you think, actually.  In fact, here are a few suggestions that I’ve used that have worked extremely well and can work for you, too (That’s right, I’m my OWN authority! LOL).

Do Free or Low-Paying Work (In The Beginning)

When I first started copywriting, I did a bunch of free work and low-paying work in the beginning. I understood that I had to prove myself as a talented copywriter and I was confident I could give my clients than they were willing to pay me.  All I asked for in return was an amazing, 5-Star review so that I could attract more clients.  After collecting tons of raving reviews, I would receive more and more clients that were now confident in my skills.  As a result, I had a plump portfolio and I started earning more money for client projects!

Ask For Referrals

This strategy works incredibly well when you’ve built a relationship with your clients. If they grow to like you, and you provide them GREAT work, they will be more than happy to refer you to anyone else who needs your services!

Oh, and the best places to find clients and build your experience is through sites like  Plus, it’s free to sign up!

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