How To Use The Power Of Transition Words & Phrases In Your Copy

In my blog, I talk a lot about the importance of easily read, smooth copy. The copy that makes the most money is the copy that is the easiest to read. Plain and simple.

So what does it take to write smooth, easily readable copy?

  1. Short sentences.
  2. Simple words.
  3. Directional Blurbs (what I like to call them, anyway).
  4. Transition words and phrases.

Wait – what are transition words?

Well, in this blog I’m going to share with you just what they are and how you can use them to make your copy smoother than ever before!

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So, Seriously, What Is A Transition Word?

Transition words are words and phrases help you “transition” from one part of your copy to another. Not like in a directional sense (like the directional blurbs), but just to help you kinda JUMP from one train of thought to another.

For example – “For example” is a transition phrase (Like how I did that?)

Other transition phrases are:

“According to…”

“Now, usually…”

“And, of course…”

“But, be careful…”

“Unlike/Like blah, blah, blah…”

“Instead of…”

“Here’s the thing…”

“And so on…”

“By the way…”

“And don’t forget…”

Etc. etc.

Transition words (as you probably guessed) transition with just words:

“Well, …”

“Usually, …”

“Normally, …”

“Actually, …”

“But, …”

“However, …”

“Now, …”




You get the idea.

A transition can also come in the form of questions. Honestly, I think questions are the most effective because NLP studies show that they create a mental loophole in our brains. So if you’re asked a question, your brain searches for the answer, causing you to engage with the question and therefore engage with the copy.

Make sense?

Do you see how the question above made you answer “yes” in your head?

Okay, cool.

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Transition From Choppy To Smooth Copy

When push comes to fail, plug in some transition words and phrases in your ad copy. You’ll appreciate how much easier your copy will be to read, and so will your readers!

For more copywriting tips and secrets, check out the blog at

For more copywriting tips and secrets, check out the blog at