How To Utilize The Power Of Future-Pacing In Your Copy

I think I know why self-development books do so well now…

Being a self-development junkie for a while, I found myself stuck in a rut or two (still do at times). But looking back, I would buy these self-help products because I was being sold a pleasant future of some sort. There was a clever little catch though…

HOW to get to this desired, pie-in-the-sky future is always a mystery…

As a market, people gobble up self-development books, webinars, and seminars because they’re lost. They’re stuck in their past and looking for a way to live in the present in hopes to make it safely to the future. But most of these self-help gurus talk about mindset, positivity and other ways to break through psychologically negative barriers.

Luckily, I’ve finally learned that the ONLY way to live the future you want is to PHYSICALLY take action and work for what you want. Not long-winded affirmations and resolutions.

Regardless, it’s the “future” you create in your mind that’s so sexy. The thought of achieving whatever outcome you wanted and physically feeling the energy of excitement that it came with…if only you could experience it NOW!

Turns out this is actually a sales tactic that Russell Brunson and other top marketers have mastered: Future-Pacing.

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What is Future-Pacing?

Future pacing is exactly how it sounds – pacing your prospects for the future. It’s mentally preparing your prospect for when they experience achieving the success they desire with YOUR product.

Russell Brunson is really famous for using “trial closes” to get people to start envisioning freedom, relief, and happiness after using your product. Simply asking them, questions like, “aren’t you tired of experiencing (pain point)?” “Wouldn’t it be nice to start (experiencing relief from pain) right now?” “Are you ready to take matters into your own hands and start (experiencing benefit)?” and so on.

Remember, your ideal clients and prospects are all about them. So if you can get them to mentally live in a fantasized future from using your product, they will buy from you faster than you can finish your sales pitch!

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How To Future-Pace In Your Copy

So how can you make your prospects visualize and experience the future in REAL time? The trick is to speak reassurance into existence from that ONE outcome they’re looking for.

For example: If you’re talking to a runner who fears getting injured from poor-quality shoes and ruining his form, you would reassure him like:

“How relieving would it be to avoid injury while running in shoes with soles as soft as clouds?”

Maybe it’s just me because I’m a runner. But if I read this in an ad, knowing how important it is to have high-quality shoes (and knowing how painful injuries like shin splints can be), I would at least want to check these out!

Let’s try another one. Pretend you’re a parent and your child keeps getting bullied at school. If you saw an ad for boxing lessons and it sounded like:

“Are you ready to feel at ease knowing your child’s new boxing skills are keeping the bigger kids at bay?”

The THOUGHT alone puts you at ease, especially if your kids are small! Who wouldn’t want a little badass running around that all the other kids at school feared and respected?

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Make Them Imagine That ONE Thing

Ask yourself: What’s the ONE thing your prospects are looking for? Once you’ve discovered it, expose it over and over again. With future pacing, you can cause them to experience that one desire, which will turn them into putty in your hands.

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