How To Win Customers With A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I think it’s always important to work on your craft. And one of the best ways to do this is to learn from people who are already successful at the thing you love. For me, this guy is Jason Capital.

I’ve been following this incredible badass named Jason Capital for a few months now. Aside from him being named “America’s #1 Dating Coach,” turns out he’s also a copywriter like me. If you know anything about Jason Capital, you know that he produces nothing but the best content. Whether it’s his videos on YouTube or his helplessly engaging emails – everything he produces is drenched in immense value.

Anyway, he hosts these workshops where he teaches the art of copywriting. When I learned this, I got super excited. His boot camp costs a pretty penny, though. So I thought it would be a good idea to consult with my aunt and uncle about it.

Everything was going smoothly with my aunt. As encouraging as she can be, she already knows the potential of online marketing (she’s even learned how to build sales funnels, which is very cool.)…

Things took a sharp left when she suggested I talk to my uncle, who’s pessimistic and untrusting of others by nature (his words for badam).

When I talked to him about Jason Capital’s copywriting boot camp, and how learning more from someone who’s already made millions from the craft, he wasn’t tryna hear ANY of it.

Rather than encouragement, I was met with petty objections like:

  • How do you know this guy’s even making that kind of money?
  • Why do you need to pay all this money to for someone else to teach you what you can learn for yourself?
  • How do you know that what he teaches you is going to make you any money?
  • How do you know he’s not just scamming you over the internet?
  • Is he GUARANTEEING that you’re going to make money if you do what he says?

And so on…

I started feeling resentment towards my uncle’s close-mindedness, and annoyance from being dumb enough to take my aunt’s advice to talk to him in the first place. I knew how negative my uncle was just like I KNOW how tight Jason Capital is. But that’s when I realized some very important things. One of them was:

Don’t take advice from people who have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about.

But the most important lesson was from my uncle’s objections.

If you reread them above, what is the ONE common denominator that these questions are REALLY asking?

They’re asking for a guarantee.

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How Guarantees Build Trust and Increase Sales

One thing I’ve learned from Jason Capital is that as an entrepreneur badass, you always “bet on yourself and take action.”

In other words, YOU become the “guarantee” that something’s gonna work, which is why you take risks and chances.

It’s a totally different story for the mindset of a majority of your customers, though. If they’re spending their money on your product or service, they want to make sure they’re getting something out of it in return. If they don’t they will be haunted by their own objects like my uncle, and find themselves not taking action (which includes buying your product).

That’s where the “100% Money-Back Guarantee” comes in.

If I had told my uncle that “If I didn’t see the results I wanted from Jason Capital’s copywriting boot camp, I could get 100% of my money back,” He would’ve been much more enthusiastic about the idea.

Having a guarantee is meant to built trust and take away the friction that prevents people from taking action and buying. It’s like you’re sticking your neck out for them, hoarding all the risk on your behalf for them, so they can “feel free” to try out your product “risk-free.” It shows them that you have an incredible amount of confidence in your product.

And lastly, it makes them feel SAFE.

This is why “Free-Trials” are so effective. It gives your customers a chance to try your product to see if it really brings value to them.

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Whenever You Can, Always Add A Guarantee In Your Copy

I know there are some copywriters out there who say you don’t have to add a guarantee (so long as you explain why you’re not adding one), but I personally would rather not reinvent the wheel. I find that more often than not, adding a guarantee increases sales like no other in your copy. Once you’ve built a tremendous amount of trust after listing their pain points and smothering them with benefits and solutions, a money-back guarantee will do nothing but close the casket!

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