How To Write Copy That Makes Prospects Commit To The Sale

One day I was sitting shotgun as I drove with my friend Steven to grab something to eat. We had ordered from a drive-thru at Chic-Fil-A. He had ordered a specific meal for his fiancee. I forgot exactly what he’d ordered for her (obviously something to do with chicken), but we received the bag from the drive-thru window and drove back to his house…

When we got back to his place and started pulling out food from the bag, we learned that they gave us the wrong order. After listening to Steven curse at thin air, I suggested we go back and get exactly what he ordered. Suddenly his gung-ho attitude diminished.

“Eh, she’ll probably still eat it, anyway…” He shrugged.

Honestly, I would’ve said the same thing. In fact, I HAVE told myself the same thing after receiving the wrong order from a drive-thru. Even when I was still in the car. If I was hungry enough, it really doesn’t matter. Plus, I’m already on my way home. No sense in turning back around and make a fuss about things…

But what was the real reason why I didn’t feel like turning around and getting my order corrected? (NO, it’s not because I’m a fatass…)

The truth is, it was because I was already committed to my cause.

I was already in motion. To STOP the flow of things, and have to turn around and complain to the cashier about how they suck at taking orders while my stomach is growling and I just wanna go home…

Just thinking about it seems like a lot of hard work, doesn’t it?

Like anyone else, I would much rather take the path of least resistance. But what I didn’t realize is that I was operating off of a psychological trigger: The trigger of consistency!

According to legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman, when you can apply this trigger in your copy and sales pitches, you will close a lot more sales (at least 50% of the time!).

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How Consistency Triggers Commitment

Consistency is all about creating a flow that pulls your readers in and smoothly guides them to a call to action. So how does one keep readers consistently buying in the form of copy? I’ve found that there are a couple of ways to apply consistency:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Sales Letters
  • Articles & Blogs
  • Sales Funnels

If there’s an offer you’re pitching, the consistency behind giving a ton of value often, plus pre-framing the offer in a positive light consistently, is a great way to cause your readers to commit to the sale.

Personally, I think the most effective way to apply the consistency trigger is through sales funnels. Mainly, because of the upsell factor. According to Sugarman, when you’ve got your prospects to buy from you once, it’s much easier to get them to buy from you again!

Another tip about this powerful trigger is the major importance of keeping things simple. When you can walk your prospects through an incredibly easy buying process, it contributes to a smooth, user-friendly experience. At that point, all you have to do is remain consistent with your easy-going call-to-action and your sales will increase!

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Keeping Things Consistent & Simple

The next time you’re writing copy for a promotion, always keep in mind the trigger of consistency! Stay consistent with your main theme – the solution to their pain points, and make it as simple as possible to solve them on a consistent basis!

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