How To Write High-Converting Copy For Sales Funnels

Let’s say you or a client of yours has this outstanding product that everybody wants. It’s a great product that has adds a ton of value to other people’s lives, but it’s an expensive product. You’ll find it’s a lot harder to sell this product if you haven’t built some sort of rapport with your ideal customers…

It’s almost like when a guy tries to hook up with his dream gal, but has never met her and doesn’t know anything about her really (other than the fact that she’s fine as hell…). If he doesn’t win her trust (at least temporary), there’s no way he’s getting the “attention” he wants from her…

Same thing goes for your product or service. In some way, shape or form, you have to sell your readers, customers and clients the idea that you are a trusted authority. You have to convince them that you have is EXACTLY what they want. That’s why ClickFunnel Creator Russell Brunson stresses the concept of value in his book DotCom Secrets. Then and only then can you effectively write high-converting copy for online sales funnels.

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What Is A Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels are basically the manifestation of a Value Ladder online. It is a process that your customer will go through before taking advantage of a sale you’ve put into place. There are many different types of sales funnels out there. But if you were to boil it down to the basics, sales funnels go a little like this:

  • Sales funnels usually start off as an ad you click on. That ad takes you to what’s called a Landing Page that usually offers something for free (a product sample, an information product like a PDF or cheat sheet, a short video etc.). In exchange for your email address.
  • Once you’ve put your email address in, the funnel takes you to what’s called a Sales Page, where you get a long-form sales letter or video sales letter that provides a full scope of the product it’s selling, from the benefits and features, to the price of the product. At the end, there’s always a link down below that takes you to an Order Page.
  • The order page is where you put all your credit card information and all that other stuff (having a PayPal account is so much easier…).
  • Before completing your order, that’s when the upselling begins. Offers that compliment your original purchase and add even MORE value to your product (at a higher price) will be pitched to you to add to your order. As you continue through the funnel, the upselling increases, but the products are always getting better and better. A lot of the time, the most expensive upsell has something to do with some sort of direct involvement of the seller, which is a great way to witness a hands-on demonstration from the master.
  • After the upselling, you get an email with a confirmation number and BOOM! You’ve completed a sale!That’s pretty much the process.

Now there are many advanced funnels out there that are built with contingency plans in case a customer doesn’t want to buy the product or service right away. If all fails, at least you have the email address of the customers. This way, you can nurture them with free information, testimonials and promotions until they can’t take it anymore and buy your product out of sheer excitement!

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Where The Writing Comes In

I know what you’re probably thinking:

“All this info about sales funnels sounds great and all. But where does copywriting fit into it all?”

The answer: EVERYTHING.

As copywriter Neville says for badem, “you’re instilling information about your product from one brain to another.” The way you do this with sales funnels is through headlines, sales letters, VSL scripts and a call to action (CTA) button.

If sales funnels were the vehicles to transport the customer to the sale, the copywriting would be the GPS, signs and directions, while you’d be the driver to help get them there.

So make sure your copywriting is SOLID. The only way a funnel is going to truly work is if your copy is on point!

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