How To Write The Perfect 5-Email Sequence

When you get into the realm of sales funnels, writing copy gets creatively interesting. You have to write copy for the landing page, that then lures them into your sales funnel; that then lures them into the sale. All the while, it’s your writing that plays as the tour guide that holds them by the hand and takes them to what they really want, and where they dump their money – your product and your wallet.

But before ANYTHING, there is one thing that landing pages are supposed to do before any money is made: Collect the email addresses of your prospects.

Why Build a List?

What’s so important about building an email list?

I like to look at email lists like having a vegetable garden. Most of us spend hundreds of dollars at the grocery store buying fruits and vegetables every week. But imagine growing your own food? The first couple of months would be hard, learning how to grow them and such. But when all of your plants are producing fruits and vegetables, not only are you saving a ton of money and time – you’re reproducing food over and over again in your own backyard!

Email lists are no different. In fact, email lists are your own online garden. After some time, you’re watering and tending to your email addresses by building a solid relationship with them. And when they’re nice and ripe (AKA when you have promotions and offers), they’ll start producing sales for your like crazy!

Just imagine for a sec, sending a $50.00 promotion to an email list of, let’s say, 10,000 people (and that’s a SMALL number!). You could potentially make $500,000 – from a SINGLE EMAIL!!

And if you continue to cater to your email list like you would a garden, it will continue to grow, producing you more and more sales with every promotion – all within your own “backyard!”

Online marketer Russell Brunson calls the emailing list, “traffic you own.” Your goal is to “own” as much traffic as possible so your list can grow as BIG as possible.

There’s no better way to do this than with an email list from a sales funnel!

Start Your Email Sequence With 5 Effective Emails

So how do you start your online garden?

Russell Brunson writes about what he calls “The Soap Opera Sequence,” in his book DotCom Secrets. This sequence of emails is written – as you probably guessed – like a soap opera.

And we’ve all seen a soap opera at least once in our lifetime; filled with love triangles where the husband’s in love with his mistress, who just so happens to be his wife’s best friend, while the son, who’s secretly aware of his father’s affair has a crush on his stepmother – the wife – and so on…

But it’s not even the drama that hooks the audience in. It’s that darn cliffhanger at the end of every episode! It’s the open-ending, that pumps your brain with unanswered questions and has your imagination spinning with what-if scenarios that could only be answered in one way…

…to watch the next episode.

THAT is how you want your emails to grip your subscribers.

Speaking of Cliffhangers, learn more about the powerful psychology behind asking questions in the blog: The Power Behind Asking Questions In Your Ad Copy.

The first email you do this with is called,

Setting The Stage

Set the stage with an introduction. Your first email should be about why they opted into your email list in the first place:

“Thank you so much for subscribing to my email! As promised, here’s your FREE report…”

You also want to talk about your company, your mission or your purpose in this email. Get the subscriber excited about what your business is all about…

And then, like a soap opera episode, you give them bait that will hook them into reading the next email:

“In my next email, I’m going to show you how I lost 50 pounds in less than 20 days without lifting a single dumbbell!”

Backstory With HIGH Drama

In your second email, you’re going to want to dive into your backstory. But you don’t want to jump into your backstory in any kind of boring ol’ way – you want to jump into it with high drama and guns blazing!

“My heart wrenched like crinkled paper as I stumbled to the ground. I tried to call for help, but I couldn’t breathe. And as I laid on the ground, helpless and terrified, I realized I was having a heart attack.”

Start your backstory with a powerful pain point. Chances are, your audience opted in your list BECAUSE they have, or they know someone who’s experienced the same or something similar. From there, you explain how you got into that situation in the first place:

“All the years of eating garbage and not exercising led me to this nearly fatal fiasco…”

Then, you leave them with the cliffhanger, letting you know that you were hit with the epiphany that led to you achieving the main goal that they so desperately want.

“I’ve come a long way since then. Now, I’m a complete 100 pounds lighter with a body of a Greek god. Wanna know how I did it? Stay tuned for my next email…”

The trick is to keep the bait coming while your audience keeps biting.

Learn more about building anticipation into your readers in the blog: Dr. Directs 5 Secret Ways To Lure Your Readers Into Your Copy.

Epiphany Email

In this email, you’ve finally embarked on the discovery that changes your life. The epiphany:

“Suddenly, I was hit with an epiphany – I don’t have to work out like a superhero at the gym just to lose weight. I can start getting the body I want from my own kitchen!”

All you have to do in this email is “tie it directly to what you’re selling” as Brunson writes.

And of course, leave a cliffhanger that leads your subscribers to the next email…

Hidden Benefits

In this email, persuade them that the product you’re initially selling has hidden benefits. You do this by listing the benefits within the effects of the benefits…

Sound kinda confusing? Allow me to explain it like this:

“I thought of losing 50 pounds in less than 20 days was the best benefit of the Fat Terminator, until I experienced this giant boost of energy in my daily activities – ESPECIALLY my sex drive!”

When you start listing the hidden benefits of your product, your subscribers will start to get hyped!

Learn more about the importance of benefits in the blog: Flood Your Reader With A Ton Of Benefits.

Then, open the loop once more for the final email:

Urgent Email / CTA

By this point, if you’ve successfully prepared your subscribers, they should be super stoked for this email. All this email does is pitch the product with the element of urgency. The urgency is probably the most important element of this email, as it lights some fire under your subscribers to get them to take action:

“The Fat Terminator will only be available at this killer price until tomorrow! We’re running out of inventory as we speak!”

You get the idea.

If you want to read about the Soap Opera Sequence in full detail, check out Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets.

Also, learn more about urgency and scarcity in the blog: The Importance of Scarcity In Your Copy.

This Is Just The Beginning

Now, let’s not get it twisted – this isn’t the LAST email you’re sending your email subscribers. This is just the first 5. However, if you can successfully implement the Soap Opera Sequence with your copy, there’s no doubt that you’ll create a growing, prosperous email list!

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