Injecting Guilt Into Your Copy

I know for a fact you’ve seen those sad commercials on TV…

You know the ones I’m talking about…

Either they’re about adopting some starving child from a third-world country or saving some kind of animal that was picked up from the street and sent to a shelter…

If you ever catch yourself watching a commercial like this, I want to you to pay close attention.

Pay attention to the orphans in these dang commercials. How they stare at you through the camera with their big, droopy eyes. One of them may even crack a slight smirk to reveal the remaining joyful innocence they have left, as the rest was violently stripped from them. Look how young these children look – some of them are even babies being nursed back to health from the nipple of a half-empty bottle…

And I’m not even going to get started on the ones about cats and dogs. Wait – yes the fluff I am…

Look how SAD these animals look! You can literally see the ribs showing from that starving stray dog as it glares at you with the most pitiful look you’ve ever seen…Sometimes, they’ll even show animals who’ve been injured by previous scumbag owners who’ve abused them.

And then, there’s the freakin’ background music, Either it’s Celine Dion’s Titanic theme, “My Heart Will Go On,” or Sarah McLachan’s “In The Arms Of An Angel.”

Either way, it’s enough to make you want to do two things:

  1. Jump off a bridge.

  2. Do WHATEVER it is that the commercial wants you to do – donate to their cause.

These damn commercials make me sick. Mainly because I have a soft spot for animals…But really, it’s because they’re GUILT-TRIPPING people into doing whatever they want!

“Little Jenny there hasn’t eaten in HOW LONG? And she’s HOW OLD!? Here’s a $500 donation!”

Another one bites the dust.

As much as these commercials drive me up against the wall, I can’t deny that it is a genius sales tactic.

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How To Use Guilt To Increase Sales

No matter what your selling in your copy, any pain point associated can be tied to guilt.

All you have to do is just dig a little deeper…

I remember writing about a product that had to do with joint pain, brain health, and heart and cardiovascular health. Now obviously, the pain point would be something related to joint pain, right?

But because I was targeting the senior demographic between the ages of 60 – 85, I had to tug on guilt to really get them to want to take action:

Now, I’m going to ask you to take a moment and think about your loved ones…

Think about your family – your spouse, your children…maybe even your future grandkids…

I need you to realize how important they are to you…

And ask yourself: Is it worth risking your life for them?

And more importantly…

Are you willing to risk your health and your life… by doing absolutely nothing?

If you’re willing to win this fight against this deadly enzyme… for your loved ones…and for you…

Then I’ve got great news for you.

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Pretty scary, when you put it that way, huh?

You see, all I REALLY did was tie the guilt back to my prospect’s greatest fears.

Greatest fears usually tie back to the thought of:

  • Losing their loved ones
  • Their family being harmed
  • Not living their greatest life
  • Dying

Anything super drastic that they wouldn’t wish on their WORST enemy (if they could help it).

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Guilt-Trip Then Into Sales (No Matter How Horrible This Sounds Read Aloud)

When guilt is successfully fused in your copy, you can almost bet that sales will come to the rescue!

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