Project Description

333 Social Media

333 Crystal Lindsey, MBA is a former foster youth, Fortune 500 professional public speaker, and entrepreneur. She has committed her life to helping others live an authentic and joyful. Crystal leverages her expertise as a public speaker, MC, corporate trainer, inspirational speaker, panel guest & social media marketing consultant to help you discover your unique potential.

Back when she had her social media agency, I was Crystal’s go-to copywriter and editor to help her drive immense value to her clients.

Crystal Lindsey of 333 Social Media is one of the best clients I’ve ever worked with. She’s hired me to write emails, social media posts, blogs, and even website content. Working with someone as passionate as she is helped me to become a better copywriter with an even stronger work ethic!

Our latest project involved rewriting a website of one of her clients, Bond Hair Bar. I wrote the copy on each of the pages and it turned out great!

Check it out below: