The Reel Network

The REEL Network was the very first online publication I’ve ever written for as a freelancer! The Reel Network centered on pretty much everything involving the Black people in Hollywood and the Black community. I wrote about the lives of Black celebs, social justice issues, and very opinionated controversial pieces.

I was lucky enough to be picked up by Tiara KJ Williams, AKA “Ms. Black Hollywood, the founder and CEO of The REEL Network.

WARNING: I was required to write A LOT of controversial content when I wrote for this publication.  If you decide to go down memory lane, you’ve been warned… (lol).

I must’ve written HUNDREDS of articles for her! Here are a few of them below!

Are Black People Ready? Empire’s Gay Kiss Sends Ratings Plummeting.

(This one broke the internet!!!)



Can Superman Protect Us From Today’s Police Brutality?





 Tyrese’s Black Rose Album #1 in the Country…But at the Bottom of Radio Playlists!?



Straight Outta Chill: See Why Nicki Minaj Cussed Out Her Fans On Instagram




The Future of Black TV: Demise of the Black Man & Rise of the Black Woman




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