Should You Do Spec Work For Clients?

When I started my copywriting journey, I would read a ton of articles about how all you had to do was get really good at copywriting and then people pay you a grip load of money. But they never ever talk about what it takes to get to the “grip load of money” part…

They don’t mention how much of a challenge it could be to find clients, or where to look for clients at all. They also forget to mention that you may be competing with other copywriters.

Having to learn this on my own, it was a bit of a struggle for me at first. However, after doing a little more research on the business aspect, I learned that if you do spec work for clients you want to write for, you will most likely increase your chances for success!

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What Is “Spec” Work?

Spec work is basically providing a free and testable piece of work that your potential clients can use to increase their sales. Spec work could be:

  • An email to test on an untapped emailing list.
  • A sales letter to test for their funnel.
  • An advertorial or an article that they can test as a landing page…
  • A video sales letter script they could use for split-testing.
  • Pretty much anything direct-response can be tested by the client to see what works and what doesn’t.Once they’ve tested your material and learn that it brings in a ton of sales for their business, clients are more likely to hire you. PLUS, you can add another success story to your body of work to attract even more clients!

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Why Would A Potential Client Want Spec Work?

By now you’ve probably figured out how much people underestimate the skill of copywriting. In fact, many people don’t even know what it is! But when you can provide them with a piece of copy that’s bringing them sales, suddenly you both speak the same language.

Let’s say you were one of these clients and an ambitious copywriter (like yourself) was on the path of breaking into the industry. They send you some copy to sell YOUR product for absolutely free. All you gotta do is test it to see if it works. If it doesn’t work, no harm no foul. But if it does work, not only did your sales increase but now you have a skilled copywriter on your team who you know for sure is going to bring you results!

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How To Pitch Spec Work To Potential Clients

So how does it work exactly?

Many big copywriters say that all they’ve done is simply reach out to clients they want to write for.

Whether it’s a phone call or an email (I think email is way better), you simply tell them how amazing their product and service is and that you love it so much, you decided to write them a piece of copy to help sell it!

Then after they’ve tested it, if they want to work with you further have them contact you to discuss prices.

Pretty easy, right?

The secret is doing this process over and over again until a client bites. This takes a great amount of confidence on your end, as you will be betting on yourself and your ability to write!

So to sum it all up:

1.Find out what your ideal client is
2.Pick a potential client you want to write for
3.Pick a product that they’re selling and write about it (a mini-sales letter should do).
4.Reach out to them via email and tell them to test your sales letter for free.
5.Hope for the best.
Personally, I think it’s better to start out with smaller businesses, only because big businesses and corporations usually have a giant marketing team that deals with advertising. Collecting small victories, in the beginning, is key. Not only are you building experience – you’re also winning a bunch of money and possibly passive income in the process!

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