The 4 Key Elements To Developing A Relatable, Attractive Character

Everyone has a story. All you have to do is utilize it in a way that solves people’s problems while generating sales at the same time…

In the blog, How To Apply Russell Brunson’s Attractive Character Method In Sales Copy, I discuss the general concept of Russell Brunson’s insanely powerful “Attractive Character” method.

Long story short, an attractive character is someone that your target audience can identify with and ultimately persuade them into taking the desired action (buying your product or service). However, in order to effectively create this character, you must develop a solid foundation from 4 key elements.

In this blog, we’re going to go further into detail about these 4 elements, so that you have a better understanding of how they can work for you and your copywriting.

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The 4 Elements Of The Attractive Character
So, let’s get started, shall we?


Just like you and everybody you know, we all have a backstory that explains where we are today, or why we’re doing what we do. Take Robert Downey Jr. for example. Movie-goers don’t just love him; they’ll even go as far as to say he’s the greatest actor alive…but why?

Sure, he’s a very talented actor (who doesn’t love Iron Man?). But did you know that Downey almost lost everything from drugs and alcohol?


But after an ultimatum from his wife, rehab, and dedication, Downey steadily revived his career and is now known as the face of Marvel’s Iron Man.

When you know of Downey’s powerful comeback, suddenly you look at the actor in a completely different light. You respect and admire him after knowing of his dark past. Chances are, many of his fans are also going through drug addiction feel a sense of hope after watching one of Downey’s movies. It’s powerful and incredibly effective.

When your back story is a solid one, you will turn your readers into die-hard fans.

Sharing Of Flaws

Speaking of Robert Downey Jr.’s past drug addiction, let’s talk about character flaws.

Character flaws are what make your AC relatable. Real problems like drug and alcohol addictions, rough childhoods, insecurities, mental illnesses etc. are what really bring your AC to life. They don’t have to be burdened with super heavy flaws, but without them, your AC will become untouchable to your audience. And when they’re untouchable, they’re not real and become as believable as Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Parables (Short-Storytelling)

Just like there’s a backstory behind your AC, there are several short-stories that led to their backstory. Short-stories are powerful because they make details or facts easier to remember. I like to think of them as detours that are still relevant to the main picture.

For example, during Robert Downey Jr.’s struggle with addiction, he turned to cheeseburgers from Burger King. According to sources, he was driving with a trunk full of drugs in his car one day when he stopped at a Burger King for a cheeseburger. He said the burger tasted so bad that he thought something really bad was going to happen, which led to him dumping all the drugs off a bridge into a river…

Anyway, this incident led to a reference in the movie Iron Man, which was a result of his massive success due to his consistent sobriety. The story of the cheeseburger is a parable to his amazing comeback in his career.

When your AC has a few relatable experiences, it makes them much more memorable characters. The more experiences your AC has, the more your audience will be able to remember and relate to them.

Usage Of Polarity

When your AC uses polarity, they reveal that they’re driven by a firm belief that they’re willing to fight for, even if it means they’ll stand alone. The usage of polarity is what makes them attractive in the first place – it’s what separates them from the others. There are many people who will disagree and even be offended by your AC because of their firm belief(s). Polarity requires the courage to stand behind a belief or mission, which is why, if you notice, people are always attracted to the “underdog” in movies. If your AC can demonstrate the courage to stand up for what they believe in, best believe you will create a following from your target audience.

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Master The Elements For A Powerfully Attractive Character

So there you have it – the four elements of the Attractive Character. Carefully flesh out these elements, and you’ll quickly have your audience hooked!

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