The Best Technique To Save You From The Rise & Fall Of Fads

My friend Dom and I were building this affiliate site called Glowing Youth that had the potential to be a top authority for skin care products on the internet. We had product reviews, blogs, and backlinks to the order pages. There was only one problem – we had no traffic coming to our site yet!

At the time, Dom was discovering the power of social media while I was mastering the craft of email marketing. Suddenly, he presented a bright idea to me. He wanted to come up with a $100 Giveaway Contest to encourage people to engage with our site’s social media page. In order to enter the contest, you simply had to put your email into our landing page. Once you did, you were met with a 10 episode email series written by yours, truly.

It was a very exciting idea. People were commenting on our site’s Facebook page and giving us their emails. Meanwhile, my emails talked about Glowing Youth as a company, how entering the contest meant making a positive difference to others, and of course an opportunity to promote our site’s products.

But after the contest was over, something bad happened…

People stopped subscribing to our email list and our site’s engagement came to a complete halt. What the fluff happened?

That’s when we were hit with the daunting reality: They weren’t excited about Glowing Youth or our products. All they wanted was the $100! Once they got the money, They vanished, never to be seen again.

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The Easy Come & Go Of Mass Delusion

We all know how powerful fads and trends can be because they can create a lot of publicity and attention, good or bad. While some fads last longer than others, eventually they end.

Turns out, we created what Joe Sugarman calls “a mass delusion.” Dom and I created a fad that picked up a ton of steam, in the beginning, only to burn out shortly after. Suddenly we became irrelevant and our business suffered because of it. It really sucked.

Companies rode the waves of fads all the time and got paid a ton of money for it. (This is probably the REAL reason why “holidays” exist, just sayin’). But as soon as the fad is over, their offers become irrelevant and people end up forgetting about it.

Why did this happen to me and my friend? Simple really – because they associated our products with the fad, rather than the fad with our products.

So how can we still increase sales and conversions when the fad ends? Or worse – what if there’s no fad to link your products to?

Luckily, Sugarman reveals a man secret in his book, Triggers, called “linking.”

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How To Use The Power of Linking

So, what’s linking? Joe writes:

“Basically, it’s the technique of relating what the consumer already knows or understands with what you are selling, to make the new product easy to understand and relate to.” (93).

According to Sugarman, fads are essentially the basics of the linking technique. When you link popular trends and fads to your product, people can relate and understand how it works, which makes ipot much easier to buy. This is yet another reason why advertorials work so well!

Remember when Pokemon GO was super popular? There were memes, t-shirts, apps, tournaments – you name it, and those who capitalized on this popular craze were EASY millionaires.

However, when there’s no fad going on, all you have to do is simply relate your product to things people already understand!

For example:

You have the Nintendo game character Kirby and you have the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner. You could actually swing this example both ways.

  • If you were selling the vacuum cleaner and LINKED it to the popular game character, people would understand just how powerful this vacuum is!

  • If you were selling Kirby as a new Nintendo game, and everyone learned that his suction powers were as strong as the popular Kirby Vacuum Cleaner, people would be able to relate to Kirby a lot easier!

Whichever way you’d wanna swing it, the easier it is to link your product to a relatable source, the easier it will be to relate, identify and want to buy.

Make sense?

(by the way, I have NO IDEA if Kirby is based on a vacuum cleaner. But it would totally make sense if he was).

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Let Links Be Your Bridge To Conversions!

When you use the power of linking, you can ride your own waves to sales and conversions! Always make your products easily relatable, and watch your products grow into fads that never end!

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