The Million-Dollar Winning Mindset You Should Have When Writing Ad Copy

One of the main problems I use to always struggle with is being “fluffy” in my writing…

Instead of being direct, I would waste time trying to showcase gigantic words that were rarely ever used in conversation. It would work like a charm when I was writing essays and research papers in school…

But when I started writing copy, everything changed…

When I tried to write a bunch of fluff in sales letters, emails and ads, bad things would happen. Either they wouldn’t convert or…

…well, actually that alone is the worst thing that would happen LOL.

I struggled time and time again with writing verbosely in copy because I connected fluff with creativity and uniqueness. But clearly, I was going about it the wrong way.


Because I was writing with the wrong mindset. And if I didn’t understand this mindset, I would’ve never been able to write in a way that makes money!

So what was the right and wrong mindset?

Keep reading, and I’ll share them with you in this blog.

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The Mindset That Will Always Hinder You From Copywriting Success

When I realized that I was operating from the wrong mindset, it came to me in a giant epiphany:

I was writing to entertain.

The clever wordplay, the sexy, big words, and the long drawn out sentences – I was still writing as if I were trying to get followers as opposed to sales!

And once I realized this crippling way of thinking, I learned quickly that I wasn’t the only one. A MAJORITY of copywriters write their copy to entertain!

If you’re writing with the thought process of, “Man, people are going to read this sales letter and think, ‘this writer is a good writer!’” You’ve already lost. The whole point of writing ads is to sell products and make money – it’s that simple.

Now don’t get me wrong – writing to entertain as opposed to writing with a distinct voice of a demographic are 2 different things. It’s essential to know who you’re talking to, and how they talk to one another and other people. Writing in different voices does allow for creativity, but the creativity has a strong purpose.

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The Right Mindset

Sooooo…if showcasing your sublime writing skills as the main objection is the wrong mindset, then what’s the right one?

Here goes:

You need to look at your sales letter as the Ultimate Salesman.

I’m talking a salesman on steroids, he’s so good!

Think as though your sales letter or ad is a master salesman duplicated a thousand times over. And because we have the internet, change the number to a million!

Or pretend YOU are a master salesman. If you duplicate yourself a thousand times, how much money do you think you’d make a day? How about an hour? A few minutes? THAT’S the mindset you must have in your sales letters.

Your Sales Letter Is Your Secret Weapon

This isn’t to say you can’t be creative with your sales letters. All it means is that you must channel your creativity in a different direction. You are not writing a sales letter to WOW them with an amazing. You’re writing to them to help solve their problems – to persuade them as clearly and effectively as possible.

Do this, and you will have a secret weapon in your hands!

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