The One Deadly Sin That Plays On Every Consumer’s Weakness

Have you ever bought something that you didn’t need simply because it had an amazing deal? Maybe it was a shirt or a pair of shoes for a giant discount, or maybe it was a pair of Beats By Dre headphones at a 50% discount…

You didn’t need to be told that these items were worth having. The products sold themselves. But really, it was the amazing deal or promotion that made you swipe your credit card…

Don’t worry. We’re all guilty of this sin. But because of this, we can make some major sales if we play our cards right…

I’m talking about the sin of Greed.

Greed is a very powerful force when it comes to driving sales. The desire for more for the mere sake of having can be detrimental for us humans. At the same time, we can use it to our advantage when it comes to copywriting.

Now don’t get me wrong: ALL of the deadly sins are bad for us: (greed, lust, wrath, sloth, envy, gluttony, vanity). In fact, these seven sins are so deadly because they play on all of our weaknesses. But when it comes to sales and marketing, we realize that it’s rare to find a consumer that can turn down a good deal, even if they don’t need the product. This is why Greed is the one deadly sin that plays on the weakness of pretty much every consumer.

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How To Use Greed In Your Copy

Whenever there’s a super valuable product on the market – like an iPhone 7 Plus – people will stand in line for days just to buy the product, right? Well, those lines are nothing compared to when a deal like a “Buy 1, get 1 FREE” promotion comes out.

Don’t believe me? Observe what happens on Black Friday and tell me I’m wrong. People will risk their lives over super expensive items for low prices.

So what’s the main theme here, and how do we channel this into our copy?

Simple: We lower the prices of the product!

Personally, I think the best platform to utilize greed is through email marketing or social media. Why? Because you spend a lot of your time nurturing your prospects and planting seeds.

You can be prepping your subscribers or followers for a giant, upcoming sale. And then after the sale, you can write something like a last-minute sale, where they can buy whatever you’re selling for a giant discount!

This works like a charm because:

  • They already know the value of the product because you’ve been educating them throughout your email or social media campaign.
  • If the price was the ONLY objection they had, you’ve completely taken it away from them, giving them no excuse BUT to buy your product.

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Downside Of Greed

Other than the fact that it IS a sin…

If you drop the price too low, people will begin to question the product’s value.

To combat this, you have to present some justification as to why the price is so low. The reason why Black Friday is so effective is because of the justification that EVERYBODY is having a sale; which means EVERYBODY will be shopping. So you can take a $1500 flat screen TV and sell it for $200, thanks to the simple fact that it’s a Black Friday sale.

Here’s the thing with justification: the lower the price, the less you have to justify. The higher the price, the more you have to justify.

So when you’re asking for the sale in your copy, you always want to keep this in mind. It’s always great to give solid reasons why your price is so high or low. Either way, if the deal is incredible, you won’t have to do much selling anyway.

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The More Value, The Greedier People Get

Pointing out the value of your products will always when your sales in the long run. It’s enough to get people to talk about, like and trust what your product has to offer. But once they understand how valuable your product is, their greed will rise as soon as your prices fall!

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