The One Key Element To Remain Present In Your Copy

I’ve finally grasped the importance of what my parents, my relationships, and what seems to be like every situation has been trying to teach me all my life.

Learning this lesson has and will continue to improve my ability to focus. It’s also improved the quality of my work, no matter what it is I’m doing (and especially when I’m writing)…

And I know that the stronger your ability to focus becomes, the faster success will come…

I’m talking about being present in the moment.

I’ll be the first to admit that being distracted is my Achilles heel in life. It would take me a while before I realized that it is one of the underlying causes of anything I have failed (especially with girls…).

BUT, whenever I was able to remain present in the moment, I was able to accomplish anything. And I learned that people start to treat you much better almost right away.


Because when you’re present in the moment with them, you make them feel important. You’re showing them respect, empathy, and understanding towards them. As a result, they love you for it.

In this blog, I’m going to show you how being present will lead to higher quality copy that people won’t be able to turn their eyes from!

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How To Be Present In Your Copy

Lemme ask you something:

Have you’ve ever been in a conversation with someone and were annoyed by their inability to stay on one topic? Or maybe they’ll abruptly switch an engaging discussion into something only THEY want to talk about…

Or maybe (and this is probably the worst one), you’re on a date with someone and they pull out their phone on you…

Makes you feel pretty unimportant at that moment, huh? Clearly, they’ve got something much more important than you, which will lead to resentment towards that person.

So what does this have to do with copywriting?


Whether you’re building an attractive character or focusing on the ONE core thing your prospects are initially after, it all leads to being right there, with your readers in that moment. When you’re working on sales copy, it’s important to remain present the entire time. ESPECIALLY when writing sales letters.

So what’s one way you can remain consistently present throughout your entire copy?


In Gary Halbert’s book, “The Boron Letters,” you can see in the third chapter that he “repeats himself often, when writing his son, Bond.

When you repeat yourself in your copy, you are subconsciously telling the reader that what you’re repeating is important.

So when you’re writing a sales letter, repeat things like:

  • Pain points
  • Core Desires
  • The MAIN Desire

I’ve found that keeping these three elements in mind keep you and the reader on the same page. When you keep repeating the main desire and how you’re going to reveal how to get it, it will keep the reader engaged and focused throughout your entire copy.

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Pain Points – When you constantly remind your reader of these nagging pain points, they’ll start to mentally experience it in their mind. And because it is our natural instinct as humans to run away from pain, they’ll be reading your copy, looking for an immediate solution. It’s best to repeat pain points in the story part of your copy.

Core Desires – Core desires are basically incentives that the reader can have from using your product. Repeating them in your copy makes them mentally visualize how these desires will add value to their lives. Again, the story part is where the core desires shine. Your reader will feel closer to you, as you were looking for the same desires.

The MAIN Desire – The main desire is the MAIN focus of your entire copy. Understanding what your reader’s main desire is, and repeating it over and over in your copy shows that you completely understand them. The main desire is best as a segue into the product or solution.

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Repeat, Rinse, Repeat

Always be present in your copy as well as your life. You’ll be much more focused, get more things done, and give people what they really want. When you can be present in your copy, your readers will grow a connection with you, and will always appreciate you for it.

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