The One Secret To Selling Your Readers With Your Headline

I think we can all agree that advertising can be challenging. To say it’s hard is an understatement, trying to hold people’s’ attention long enough to get them to whip out their wallets and buy your product. But you don’t need me or this blog to tell you that it all starts with the headline.

So why do so many marketers and advertisers struggle with headlines? Well, chances are they don’t do this ONE thing that could take them from pennies to stacks in sales and conversions. What’s even more mind-blowing is all it takes to increase your headline’s effectiveness is one simple switch-around with your words…

So check it out – I’m going to share with you the one secret to selling your readers through the headline alone. But first: Quick question:

Did you know that 60 percent of all people who see your ad will ONLY read your headline – and nothing else?

That’s because according to estimates and reports, we’re exposed to as much as 3,000 ads per day! And these ads all come at us in the forms of television, social media, the radio, the newspaper, magazines, and more.

That means that when you’re writing an ad, you’re not just competing with your competitors. You’re basically competing with a sea of bombarding ads created by all forms of media outlets.

Because the odds are stacked against you like the Great Wall of China, your headline is the only thing that can save your product from drowning in the sea of monotonous, cheesy ads and commercials.

In fact, Legendary Copywriter David Ogilvy says it best: “Unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money.”

So what’s the best way to do this? Put your BIGGEST, BEST benefit in your headline.

Think about it. Your biggest benefit is the basically the highlight of your product, and therefore the most important thing. When you through it in your headline, you’re putting it where everyone can see, which will make you stand out against the sea of monotony!

Put it this way:

If Kim Kardashian herself was a headline, her biggest benefit would be her BIG “ASS”et.

And you can probably guess why: Because it’s the main thing (and probably the only thing), that would helplessly suck you in…

And that’s how powerful your biggest benefit has to be in your headline…as powerful as Kim’s ginormous, round, voluptuous cakes. Fake or not, it’s all people ever talk about when they think about her, which does nothing but crank up her publicity and brand awareness…

Now imagine if the biggest benefit of your product was all everyone ever talked about to their friends and family, which cranked up your conversions and sales? Suddenly Kim’s not just a badonkadonk with a sex tape – she’s a marketing machine!

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Selecting Your Audience

The main reason why putting your biggest benefit in your headline is that it allows you to select your target audience. Once you know who your audience is, you know exactly what they need. For example: If your target audience is composed of law students studying for the California Bar Exam, you’re not going to put something like, “Boost Your Test Scores With Our New Bar Exam Study Guide!” That’s how MOST advertisers position their headlines and wonder why their ads suck…

Instead, you’d write something like, “Our New Bar Exam Study Guide Will Boost Your Test Scores By A Whopping 40 Percent – Guaranteed!”

If your audience is a bunch of dessert lovers, most copywriters would say:

“Sample Our Freshly Baked Desserts!”


Instead, you’d say:

HEY Dessert Lovers – Come Dig In Our New Godiva Chocolate Butter-Pecan Pie With Melted Cream – For Absolutely Free!

If your audience is made up of coffee lovers, don’t say:

“Start Your Morning Right With Fresh Coffee And New Flavors!”

However, do say:

Fresh Colombian-Roasted Coffee With Cocoa Bean Infusion – For Unlimited Time Only!

If more marketers did this sort of thing, they would see much better results. But they don’t, which is why YOU will be much farther ahead!

Get it? Got it? Good.

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It’s All About Simplicity

Your headline should have simplicity written all over it. It needs to tell the reader EXACTLY what you’re trying to sell them in a matter of a few words. And there’s no better way to immediately do this than with the main benefit in your headline.

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