The Power Behind Asking Questions In Your Ad Copy

Do you want to know how to really get people stuck reading your copy until the very end? I’ll get to the answer in just a second…

But you see how now you’re continuing to read in order to find the answer? That’s just a taste of how powerful asking questions can be. You’ll now spend this entire blog looking for the answer to really get people stuck reading your copy until the very end…

By the way: The answer is simple. Just ask questions.

“What kind of questions?” you may ask. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. You can ask any question and naturally, your readers will invest time and energy looking for the answer. So what say you: You wanna know more about how the power of questions can result in twice as many conversions and more sales? Keep reading below!

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What Are Open Loops and NLP?

When you’re asking questions specifically for your readers, you’re creating what they call an “open loop” in their brain. This is also known as NLP, (neuro-linguistic programming). When an open loop is created in the brain, the brain will continue to search for information to solve the answer and close the loop. Cool, huh?

A simple question like, “where are my keys?” is enough to cause a loop in your brain. And what will you do next? (like the loophole?) You’ll ponder and search for where you last left your keys; you’ll look under your bed and in between your couch – everywhere until you find your keys. And once you find your keys, your brain closes the loop.

When you’re going about your everyday life, notice how you open loops all day long, and how your brain works to answer the questions and close the loops.

Want to know the direct correlation between loopholes and pain points? If you notice, frustration and other negative emotions usually come from when you can’t solve a problem – or an opened loophole that can’t be closed, right? Here, you can think of your product or service as the answer that closes the loophole of your prospects. This then relieves stress, makes people happy, and turns them into your customers.

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So How Do You Use NLP Open Loops In Your Copy?

When you utilize open loops in your copy, it starts to feel like you’re having a two-way conversation with your reader. You can use questions in your headline or subtitles. You can even use questions to open one loop after another to keep your readers engaged (and by that, I mean asking another question right after your previous question was answered). Also, these are other reasons why rhetorical questions and trial closes are so powerful!

As long as you can keep your readers reading, you’re in a great place. But when you’ve got them flustered with a wide, open loop, it is up to you to make them understand: YOUR product is the only thing to close that loop, solve that pain point and lead them to an easier, happier life!

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