The Power of Ego & Instant Identification

A few quick questions, if I may:

When you’re watching a commercial about a popular alcoholic beverage (say, the Dos Equis commercial), do you really get excited about drinking beer with a fancy logo? Or do you get excited about looking cool while drinking Dos Equis?

How about those luxury automobile commercials? Are you really excited about that sleek exterior with the smooth leather seats and that oak dashboard, with smooth-as-butter power steering? Or are you more aroused by the thought of looking and feeling powerful and sexy thanks to your stylish luxury vehicle?

You think women like wearing lingerie for more comfortability? Possibly…but it’s hard to feel like a luscious, irresistible goddess in granny-panties, no?

You see, we don’t buy things simply because of the product itself. We buy things based on how we feel…

…and how we feel pertains to our ego.

Many times it’s not about the product at all, but more so about the brand of the product. Why? Because with a brand comes instant identification – a realm where our egos can thrive through our cravings and desires…

This fact alone gives you an immediate advantage when selling to your target audience because…

Through Our Vanity, Persuading Becomes MUCH Easier

If people only buy things that they instantly identify with to satisfy their ego, all you have to do as a marketer is associate your product’s IMAGE with the with your consumer’s identity!

This is called “morphing the ego” of your target audience to fit your product.

Sounds hard? Actually, it’s much easier than you think.

For example:

You don’t have to do much persuading to convince a man that being muscular, wealthy, and a chick-magnet is where he wants to be.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t take much convincing to persuade a woman into wanting to look and feel sexier and in control of her life, starting with a slimmer waistline…

We all want these things because these desires are hard-wired into us. And they are kept alive because of our egos.

So in order appeal to people’s egos with your product, associate them with the identity that they desire to be.

  • If you want people to buy your jeans, associate a male with sexy women clawing and climbing on him while he wears those jeans.
  • Want to sell that high-end purse? Have a gorgeous woman with flawless hair, and a matching dress and stilettos to really make that purse pop.
  • That protein powder is cool, but it’s not selling unless you’ve got a roided out muscle head gripping a dumb-bell while his veins protrude through his skin while he gulps it down in a form of a shake…The list goes on.

Why do you think companies pay celebrities millions of dollars to sell their products? It’s all because of instant identification, which in turn feeds the ego that drives us.

Ego and vanity are very powerful energies. If you can use them to your advantage, you will have no problem selling your products and services!

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