The Secret To Turning Cold Traffic Into HOT Traffic With Copywriting

So you know how we talked extensively about that one magic word that can get people to do whatever it is you wanted (*coughfreecough*), especially when it came to buying your products? Well turns out, that was just one part of this equation. If you really want to increase your sales and revenue with sales funnels, email campaigns or just sales letters and scripts, you can’t go wrong with a free-plus-shipping promotion.

Now, I know a thought that’s probably crossed your mind:

“You want me to give away valuable content away for free? Wouldn’t I lose money?”

On the contrary, you would do just the opposite.

Check it out:

Imagine giving putting your heart and soul into a product. Think about all the value you’d be offering in this product. Think about how many lives it would help, and how many fans you would create.

Now imagine giving it away for free, and all people had to do was help you with the shipping.

If people start ordering your book and their lives change from the immense value of your hard work, they will apply what they’ve learned. They will teach others. They will rave all over the internet. They’ll tell their friends about you and your product, and how they can get ahold of it…

They’ll send them to the link, funnel, sales letter or landing page they found the information. And then their friends give you their email address…

And the process starts over and over again.

Soon, you’ve got a ton of new leads in your email list. Your brand has expanded and now, they can be upsold your “real” products of value…

All because you gave ONE good product away for free.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like losing money to me. It actually sounds like a gold mine!

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Click Funnel pioneer Russell Brunson calls this method the Free-Plus-Shipping Order Bump. It’s where you offer your free product and you have them help you out with the shipping costs. Personally, I think this is a great way to test the waters of your controlled traffic. If you wanted to test out your offer to an untapped emailing list of cold leads, whether or not they bite at paying a few dollars for shipping costs can determine if they value your product at all. If they can’t spend a few dollars on shipping, what makes you think they’re gonna spend $10, $100, or even $1,000 on your upsells?

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This Offer Works For Anything

What’s really awesome about the “free-plus-shipping” order bump is the fact that it can work for pretty much anything. You may not have an actual, physical product, but Brunson says you can get very creative with the offers.

For example:

If you’re a consultant or a coach of some kind, you can create an informational CD full of tons of value, like your personal secrets or methods, and sell it to your emailing list for free plus shipping. Not only will this expand your brand awareness, you’re also “pre-framing” yourself as someone who gives immense value you. This way, when your next product comes out with a price, people will already view it as something that’s going to have twice as much value as your free product!

Another example:

If you’re a network marketer, you may find yourself dealing with the challenge of breaking away from the SAME template that everyone in your business is using…

This is really bad, because if they already have negative preconceived notions about your business (AKA “it’s a pyramid scheme”), then when they see your cookie cutter landing template, they’re gonna label you as a scammer.


When you produce your OWN product that you can give away for free plus shipping, you separate yourself from the rest. It’s at that point you’re not just selling another product, you’re selling a proven solution that YOU yourself have used, studied and experienced positive results. So when people buy from you, they’re buying YOU, not your product. Make sense?

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The Best Way To Warm Up A Cold Market

When you’ve come up with an offer that’s interesting, cool and valuable, give it away with the free-plus-shipping promotion. You’ll find that your sales will increase like crazy, and more importantly, you’re prepping your audience for your BEST stuff – the stuff that they have to pay for!

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