The Simple Formula That Guarantees Successful Persuasion

Are you ready to learn the most powerful formula for ultimate persuasion?

This formula is so powerful that it’s not only used for sales – it can be used for pretty much anything.

Implementing this formula will increase your chances of getting anything you want. And yet, Almost nobody uses it!

But if you use this formula, not only will you notice an increase in your sales. You will also notice an increase in your conversions, readability, and success in other areas in your life that involve persuading others…

The greatest copywriters, marketers, and salesmen have dedicated their lives to fully mastering this amazing technique…

And what’s really cool is that this formula isn’t complicated to learn. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to learn…

So what exactly is this powerful formula that guarantees successful persuasion?

I’m talking about AIDA.

The Power Of AIDA

If you want to put together an effective, high-converting advertisement, such as a sales letter, a sales script, an email, or a simple ad, it is imperative – crucial, even – that you master the power of AIDA.

Now, what is AIDA, exactly?

AIDA is the ultimate blueprint of an ad, composed of the main elements: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

We’ve spent quite a few blogs talking about capturing the reader’s attention as quickly and effectively as possible. When you can effectively accomplish breaking the reader from their everyday life to read your ad, you have successfully mastered the Attention element.

The rule is simple: Capture your reader’s attention!

Once you’ve got the reader’s attention, you must pull them through your letter with Interest. This is where you lure them in with an engaging story that reveals pain points You can even reveal stats and specs, or quotes from higher authorities to build trust.

Once you’ve got your readers interested, you must arouse them with desire. This is where you lay it on thick with benefits on benefits! Lather up your copy with testimonials and social proof that shows just how effective and powerful your product is. Have them grasping for their wallet before they even get to the end of the letter!

And finally, the most important part – you gotta get your readers to take action. All of the attention-seeking, interest-building, desire-teasing antics will amount to NOTHING if they’re not buying your product at the end of the letter. Make the CTA (call to action) as simple as possible. Hell, walk them through it if you have to! As long as they go from reading your ad to buying your product, you’ve successfully implemented AIDA!

Most don’t realize that AIDA can be used in ALL aspects of life. Whether it’s to persuade your parents to stay out late, or ask that hottie on a date, or even asking for a promotion. It’s all about selling and persuasion, and there’s no better way to do it than with AIDA.

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