This Method Alone Will Drive Your Sales Through The Roof (Mainly Used

I’ve seen Russell Brunson use this powerful method…

I’ve seen Anik Singal use it too…

In fact, according to Russell Brunson, the method we’re about to discuss is responsible for dramatically increasing numbers when it comes to closing in both seminars and webinars…

In his book DotCom Secrets, he refers to this method as his “secret weapon.”

And the best part about it is that it can be used for sales letters, too (preferably long form).

What is this method?

Brunson calls it, “The Stack.”

On page 207, he talks about the stack in great detail. He mentioned that the one who taught him this powerful technique, Armand Morin, closed half an entire conference room with no effort. When Brunson started using this technique, he started closing at the MINIMUM 25% of the entire crowd during seminars.

Could you imagine presenting a product in front of a room of, let’s say, 5,000 people and closing 50%? If the product was only worth $100 x 2,500 – that would be an easy $250,000!!!!

Even if you closed 25% – that’s still $125,000.

And what’s even crazier – a $100 item is on the SMALL side of the spectrum. Guys like Brunson and Singal are selling high ticketed items around the price of $1,500 or more!

Now imagine that you write a sales letter for a high-priced product and target an entire sea of people over the internet…suddenly 5,000 people is a small number compared to the potential number you could reach…

You see where I’m going with this??

If the Stack can dramatically increase sales in a seminar or a webinar, imagine what it could do for your sales letter that will be seen by an unlimited number of people worldwide!

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How The Stack Works

So what exactly is “The Stack,” and how does it work?

Well, you know how you’re basically prepping your reader for the price the entire sales letter? As you recap your presentation, you are listing all of the features and benefits you’ve mentioned and briefly reminding them the value of each feature on the list. The recap usually occurs after you’ve fully explained your product and testimonials.

The List

Right before you mention the price, you beef up that value you like:

“So to recap: If you buy my Brazilian Booty Buster Course today, you’ll receive:

  • My full, training and workout calendar to tone your glutes, legs, and thighs in record time.
  • My complete report on 10 of the most potent foods that will naturally increase the size of your booty in less than a week (a $67 value, yours today for FREE).
  • A Free bottle of my Cell-u-later! Anti-cellulite capsules to rid the cellulite in your butt and thighs almost instantly (A $197 value, yours today for FREE)…

The Value Price

After you’ve listed all the features, benefits and features, reveal the value price. In other words, add the value of everything together and reveal the total price of it all:

“The total cost of my Brazilian Booty Buster Course is priced at $1,297…”

Because you’ve listed all of the features of your product and how much it’s all really worth, people can look at the price and think, “yeah, that’s pretty reasonable…” They’ve already started to accept this price.

Then, you start to lay it on thick, explaining why the price is so high:

“I’ve spent countless man-hours and spent tons of money trying to put together the BEST workout program for you and the marketplace. And by the grace of God, I finally succeeded…”

Justify The Price with “If all…” Questions.

This is where you really cement the price into their minds. There are two ways to ask this question. Either you can bring them closer to pleasure:

If all it took to have the sexiest booty you’ve ever had in your life was a one-time fee of $1,297…wouldn’t it be worth it?

Or help them escape pain:

If all it took to shed away the cellulite, unwanted weight, and insecurities for good, was a one-time fee of $1,297…wouldn’t it be worth it?

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Hit Them With The REAL Price

PLOT TWIST! Once they’ve fully accepted the value price is the only thing standing in the way of the ONE THING they really want, you hit them with your real price (which is always dramatically lower than the value price):

“Well, today is your lucky day. Because I’m not going to charge you $1,297…

I’m not even going to charge you $697…

You can get my Brazilian Booty Buster today for just $297!”

And like a reflex, your audience will experience a wave of relief and want to jump on the price. Because at this point, the deal clearly looks like a STEAL. Especially if you add the element of scarcity to it:

“But you only have 24 hours to get this amazing program at this price. After that, you will never be able to get this deal again…”

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Collect Stacks With “The Stack.”

I personally love this method! It is the best way to pitch your product price! When you’ve stacked your benefits towards the end, let the stack method do the rest!

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