This One Word Has The Power To Transform Your Copy Overnight

What’s the one word that has the power to transform your copy, your sales, and even your business overnight?

Think about it…

Everybody loves this word. In fact, this word is so incredibly convincing, it doesn’t even need to persuade people. It just needs to be said or known, and people will do whatever you want.

People will topple and fight over this word. They will start to do things they never thought they’d do just to have whatever this ONE word is associated with (hopefully it’s associated with YOUR product).

In fact, people don’t even have to really want the product. But they’ll get it anyway…all because of this addictive, irresistible word…

Still haven’t figured it out yet?

I’ll give you another hint.

Think back at when you were at Costco or Sam’s Club.

If you’ve never been to either of these amazing stores, they give out a bunch of food samples that you can try before buying whatever food they’re selling.

Because of this, I used to LOVE going shopping every Friday when I was a child. My mom would scold me if I camped out at the samples station, making myself a meal out of the samples (something about this “leaving some for other people” nonsense…).

I dunno. All I know was that I couldn’t help myself back then.


Because you didn’t have to pay for the samples.

Why do kids love happy meals from McDonald’s? Maybe because of the toy that came with the meal…at no extra charge?

That’s right. I’m talking about the word “FREE.”

For whatever reason people aren’t being drawn to your product, your problems can all be solved by adding something free to your deal.

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The Word Free & The WIIFM Syndrome

There’s a giant yet ironic white elephant that lurks among the world wide web…

Everybody likes to buy…but nobody likes to be sold to.

Weird, huh? Can’t really blame them though. With all the scams and schemes out there, the last thing you want is to be a sucker just because something looked shiny.

Yet people will pour their entire paycheck on things they don’t need at all – all because there was some discounted price or promotion or maybe some super persuading copy that helplessly lured them in (*ahem* ;D)

So what is the driving force behind impulsive buying on the internet despite the fear of getting tricked into a scam?

The answer is self-interest.

People are selfish by nature. Most people are only concerned about themselves and what’s in it for them. They WANT to spend their money, but only on the best deals on the latest and greatest. And while there are those who are willing to pay for expensive things online, the lower the price for the highest quality of a product, the better.

In other words – they want to have their cake and eat it, too.

Knowing this, what do you think a free product does for the consumer? Well for starters:

  • Giving something valuable away for free builds trust between you and your consumers.
  • It turns you into an authority, allowing people to trust you as their go-to for their problems, turning them into your customer base.
  • It gives them a taste of what your REAL product is like so they know what’s in it for them.Giving something away is almost like a peace offering with your customer base. If you’re willing to give something away for absolutely free, they won’t feel like you’re taking advantage of them.

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Try Giving Something of Value For Free

Don’t know what to give away for free? Don’t worry. A free product can be as simple as a 10-page report or PDF. You can come up with a chart, or shoot a free video, maybe even a free product sample – you name it!

As long as this free content of yours is giving your audience the value they need, they will trust you and buy from you, while telling all their friends – or future customers – about you as well!

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