Upselling In Your Copy: What’s The Big Deal?

If you’ve heard of Russell Brunson, you know he’s a genius when it comes to online marketing. And if you’ve read his book, DotCom Secrets, he discusses how to win your target audience over with what he calls, “the value ladder.” In a previous blog, I talk about the importance of a value ladder and how it can have more money pouring into your business. But what is it about the value ladder that works so well?

Well, the reason why Brunson’s value ladder method works so well is that it’s really all about upselling. In this blog, I’m going to discuss with you what upselling is, and how to effectively do it in your copy!

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What is Upselling?

Upselling is when you sell another product or service that compliments or relates to your initial offer. For example: Let’s say you’re selling a weight loss supplement and the customer buys it. You would want your next offer to be something like a food curbing supplement to complement the weight loss, or maybe a 5-page guide that tells them which times they should take the supplement for the most weight loss. It could be anything of the sort, so long as the customer feels they’re getting closer to their goals.

Why Upselling?

Why would someone want to buy more of your products even though they just finished spending money? (this almost sounds like a trick question when you read this aloud!). Regardless, I used to ask myself the same question, and the answer is simple: People aren’t really buying your products. They’re buying the solution needed to soothe their pain. They’re looking to fix their problems.

So if they buy a product from you, and there’s another product that’s going to help them reach their goal 10 times faster, they’re going to keep sliding their credit cards. If they’re serious about reaching the results that your product promises, you’ll notice that they’re willing to do whatever it takes!

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How To Upsell In Your Copy

So you’ve got the main product, and the products you want to upsell. All you have to do now is further persuade them with your copy.

How exactly do you do this?

One of the things Russell Brunson talks about in his book DotCom Secrets is to add an OTO (one-time-offer) in your copy.

So if you’re selling a book on dating and relationships, maybe you have audio where you’ve interviewed the reincarnation of Don Juan De Marco, and he’s sharing all of his secrets that guarantee massive success with the opposite sex! Your one time offer would sound something like:

“Now You Can Listen & Learn The Groundbreaking Strategies To Make Her Obsess Over You For The Rest Of Your Life From The Legend Don Juan De Marco Himself!”
This is the first time I’ve ever shared this rare footage with anyone, and now you can have it for (whatever price you wanna sell it for)

But you have to act today! This is a one-time offer and once it’s gone, you will never be able to get access to it again!

Or something like that…

Whatever it is you want to make your one time offer, it has to be good and relate to the product you’re selling. If it’s the same product, or some random, unrelated product, the upsell won’t work.

Also, if your main product won’t work without the product you’re upselling, that’s a very bad idea! It’s almost like you’re tricking your customers into spending more money. This will not only upset them, but it will make them never want to buy from you again. So be careful!

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Upsell To Increase Your Conversions!

You will find that your upsells will be a major contributor to your increased conversions in your funnels! If you can, always add an upsell of some sort in your offer. You will always be glad you did!

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