What Migos & Versace Underwear Taught Me About Desire, Belonging & Sales

I know I’ve written about how the desire to belong to social groups can increase sales before, but I really don’t think people understand the lengths of how far someone would go just be “cool.”

I’ll probably never forget this story. On my last day working at T-mobile, one of my favorite customers, Kristine was telling me how she bought her grandson Versace underwear!

Yeah, you read that correctly. This child who couldn’t have been older than 12 was running around in Versace designer underwear.

“You do know Versace anything is a grip load of money, right?” I asked Kristine.

“Yup!” She said with a smile. “I get my grandson whatever he wants!”

“Man he’s lucky to have a grandmother like you! But…why Versace underwear?” I continued. “What, he’s too good for Fruit Of The Loom?”

“No,” she laughed. “It’s because his favorite rappers always talk about wearing Versace.”


“One of them popular rappers these days. Amigos, I think?”

“Migos?” I asked.

“Yeah! That’s them!” She said with a bright grin.

Then she “dabbed” on me… I can’t stand Migos! LOL

This little boy wanted to be associated with his favorite rapper SO BAD that he’s got his grandmother shelling out $70-100 for underwear, JUST BECAUSE the rappers say they’re cool…

That’s CRAZY. But what does this mean for you and copywriting?

Well, if your product is associated with a club or group that your ideal prospect wants to be associated with, they will buy your product just to be associated with them!

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Trends & The Desire To Belong

This story really had me thinking about all the trends of today. People are buying these Fidget Spinner Stress-Reliever toys, which are supposed to help people cope with Attention Deficit Disorder and unhealthy habits like nail-biting. I know dang well that all these people can’t all have ADD. But they have these toys, and the creators are making a killing.

Why? To be cool, of course. Like everyone else.

The desire to belong is also known as social approval, one of our driving 8 Life-Forces. Without it, people can’t survive. Even those who choose not to identify with society, like hermits – even they belong to a group of hermits.

Having a sense of belonging from who people surround themselves with leads to self-identification. That’s why people buy high-end expensive cars and luxury brand clothes (like Versace underwear) because they want to be seen as a high-status individual that belongs to the wealthy class.

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How To Use The Sense Of Belonging In Your Copy

So what are the best ways to use the desire to belong in your copy to rack up on sales? One of the best ways to do this is to associate your product with an authority that embodies the image that your prospects are seeking.

In this case, this little boy heard in a song that Migos LOVES Versace and even wears the underwear. The company Versace can now use the credibility of Migos to further increase their underwear sales…

It’s the same reason why they used Michael Jordan to sell Hanes underwear, or why they used Kim Kardashian to sell Sketcher sneakers.

But your authority doesn’t have to be a celebrity. It could be as simple a TON of positive testimonials from real -life people, or other companies and businesses.

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Whose Credibility Can You Attach Your Product To?

Discover the ideal image that your target audience is seeking for themselves. Whose credibility do they trust the most? You can use the credibility of these powerful authorities to increase the value of your product and drive sales!

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