Why Your Ads Should Be Like Love Letters

Legendary copywriter Joe Karbo talks about how a majority of marketers and advertisers have no idea how to write an ad or sales letter. In fact, he goes even further to say that they all sound and look the same, and essentially, they all suck.

Drew Eric Whitman says the same thing, in so many words. He mentions that advertisers aim to get the customers caught up in the hype with flashy colors and pictures; or investing millions of dollars in commercials trying to be clever and funny.

While their commercials and ads are, without a doubt, entertaining, they don’t make a dime in sales…

So if these commercials are more expensive and entertaining than they are effective, then what’s a better way to write an ad?In fact, Karbo puts his idea of a perfect ad in his book and breaks down why it’s perfect.

I began to search for the answer to this question in Joe Karbo’s, “Lazy Man’s Way To Riches.” Eventually, I found the answer, but it was the last thing I would ever expect to read!

In fact, Karbo puts his idea of a great ad in his book and breaks down why it’s so dope.

I’m thinking he’s gonna talk about some million dollar ad and suggest I rewrite it to ingrain it in my subconscious. Or some killer headline that was impossible to ignore…

Nope, none of that.

And guess what?

It wasn’t even an ad…

It was a damned love letter to his wife!

Check this out:

“Dear Betty,

I love you so much.

I want to take care of you and our kids for the rest of your lives. There will be good times and bad. But I’ll try to do my best with what I got.

From time to time, I’ll probably exasperate or annoy you. But I’ll promise you that you’ll never be bored.

I read somewhere that the contract for marriage is the only one that doesn’t have a definite term – a point at which ends or can be renewed. It says, ‘…’til Death do us part.’ Well, I want you to know that, in our case, I’m satisfied with that arrangement. But, to be perfectly honest, I sometimes wish we weren’t married – so we’d both know, every day, that we were sharing our lives because we wanted to – not because we had to.

All my love,

Joe.” (Lazy Man’s Way To Riches, 331).

How sweet…

But interesting huh?

So what is it exactly that makes this love letter a great ad? Where’s the headline? The sales pitch? The call to action?

Joe explains it’s all there and that if you look closely, you can see how powerful this love-letter-turned-ad really is.

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Breaking It Down

The Headline

Let’s break down Joe’s love letter. First and foremost, why is this letter so powerful?

Because of the personal communication.

Believe it or not, the headline is “Dear Betty.”

We may not like the headline “Dear Betty,” as it doesn’t pertain to us at all. But if we were Betty, we would fall in love with this headline. It would grab our attention and never let it go because the headline is speaking SPECIFICALLY to us. Like, “Hey, this letter is talking to ME!.”

If your headline speaks directly at your prospects, they will be completely yours until they’re finished reading the letter.

The Subhead

Next, the subhead is “I love you very much.”

As you know, the subhead is just a follow-up of the headline, reinforcing the overall personal message. In this case, telling his wife, “I love you very much” further indicates that this letter is about her and that she’s a very important person in his life.

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Body Copy

Then, there’s the body copy, where he makes his promises to his wife – “I want to take care of you and our kids for the rest of your lives.” He then goes into revealing the good and bad times ahead, which are ideally the advantages and disadvantages of a product!

When you think about it, this is the selling part of the ad. This is where you talk about the pain points, solution, and benefits. By the time your prospect gets to the price segue, they should know how your product can bring value to their lives in every way!

The Rest (Concluding Copy)

Here, he simply reassures his wife by repeating the promise and re-identifying her as the love of his life. If you notice, there’s no specific call to action in the letter, even though it’s implied – he wants her to marry him and be with him for the rest of her life. And she knows exactly what he wants, which is why they got married and lived happily ever after.

After effectively lathering up your prospects with benefits, value, and the great experience ahead that lies with your product and service, then you make it clear what YOU want – the call to action.

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Write Your Ads & Sales Letters Like Love Letters

So to recap: Grab their attention personally, sell them while giving them a TON of value in the process, then make them take action. It’s really that simple.

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