Writing About Product Exclusivity

About 2 years ago, I was working at Coach as a stock associate. We had access to company products before the customers got a chance to see them (obviously because we worked there)…

I remember one day coming into work and witnessing my associates compete for a pair of really cool Coach headphones. There were only a few left, and the co-workers were determining who should get a pair based on who worked longer. Apparently, I was disqualified by default because I was the new guy.

I watched as friendly co-workers turned into petty rivals, nit-picking at each other’s flaws, exposing weaknesses that deemed them unfit for these headphones. I asked my friend, Ryan, “Why can’t you guys just wait for another shipment of headphones?” That’s when he told me:

“These headphones are an exclusive edition. Once they’re gone, you can never get them again!”

That’s when I realized something very important when it comes to products:

  1. The fact that it was a rare edition skyrocketed the product’s value.
  2. The product’s intense increase in value made people compete for the product.
  3. Owning such a product would make a person feel like they were the shizz!

It was in this moment that I witnessed the power of product exclusivity.

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The Power of Product Exclusivity

Not too long ago, Apple came out with the iPhone 7 Plus red color (I’m a Samsung guy, but I’m not gonna lie – this phone was pretty sweet). In reality, it was the same iPhone as the silver or gold one. But not only was the red color a limited edition, but it was in support of a charity against HIV and AIDS.

This amazing charity was enough to get people to want to jump on the bandwagon. Buying the red iPhone meant taking action against HIV.

Pretty noble, huh?

Plus, you could only get this phone in select stores! This led to a very successful campaign as a result.

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“People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy WHY You Do it,” – Simon Sinek.

Everybody wants to be someone special. Just like everyone wants to be a part of something special. Exclusive, limited editions are representations of something greater than themselves, which means that when you engage, you become a part of the cause. Exclusivity separates not just the product, but those who buy the product from the rest of their peers, society, or even the world.

People buy not what you do, but WHY you do things. And that, my friends, will always be an amazing feeling.

Ask yourself: What’s so special about the product you’re selling? Is it exclusive? A limited edition? Why is it a limited edition? Is it a new color? Is there a cause behind it? If not, what feature or benefit does it have that none of its competitors have?

Attach your product to a bigger cause that your ideal prospects can emotionally get behind and watch your sales skyrocket!

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